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Al doing his thing in Maui

The $50 Board Project


Here is some info to correct some of the chat theories.


  1. Plywood 4x8x.25 $23 CAN
  2. Mast, Fin boxes $25
  3. Foam 2x8x1" $26 (5 bucks per sheet)
  4. Keel stripe $2
  5. Lepage outdoor glue $5 (half remaining)
  6. Spray Can Foam $8 (2 cans, used as foam glue)
  7. Formica 2x4 $3
  8. Other stuff i had in my junk pile: screws, pine plank, varathane, footstraps.







I sailed a 7.0. I weigh almost 170. I know i was >10% faster and >5 degrees ahead of a GO with North IQ 8.2. Similarly ahead of most common folks on 7.5's. Upwind capability was closest to a keel boat that i ever felt. Turning was fine. Like any 9 footer. Like my Xantos. Hops like any 9 footer. 22 lbs.

Time to plane was very good. Tail is wide. Until spine failed, and water filled in consturction gaps.

Durability and improvements next. Mainly, the spine needs to be of solid wood, not plywood, and without lightening holes. Mast and fin boxes held ok. Formica pads could be broader. Foot strap plugs would be better with mahogany, not pine. Spine area needs a fibre overlay, to avoid separation of the foam (under compression failure).


Adjustable outhaul:

Need more purchase power for true on-fly adjustment, easy at rope to cleat location. Cleat needs a rope attachment. Not nylon tie wraps.

Main block needs plastic, or mahogany, not pine. 

  1. Pulleys are RWO $6 each.
  2. Cleats are $5 each
  3. Small sail grommet pulleys are $3 each

I bent unused tabs on pulleys to get sail right into end of clew.

Al's $50+ Boards


The 9'x2' "deck queen" was shaped based on templates I had from when i made a replica of a Fanatic Rip 258. I scaled the top view. The rocker line is simplified though; flat till mast track, then 10 inches of nose flip. The thickest point of the board is 5" (had to be a multiple of the foam thickness). Vee is simulated by the 1/4" keel stripe. There is no tuck or edge radius.

By the way, the Rip 258 replica is 15.4 lbs of beauty. Some (secret) construction details: extruded foam, five true stringers (glass from deck to hull, and from nose to tail), full kevlar skin, full carbon skin, five layer carbon step area, full kevlar wrap and tangs around boxes and plugs.

The $5 Toilet Bowl Windmeter Project

Check out the wheelbarrow and toiletfloats in action. resolution, just to give you the idea. Its out in the rain at the moment, repelling lightning (i hope).

Its on a 10' pole on my back deck since 11:00 pm. Wind has not yet turned it, but the fan from my airconditioner turns itabout 40 rpm. Thing weighs 5 lbs. "Sticktion" is high.

If it had a clicker on it, my guitar tuner can read lower than 80 hz. I didn't get a chance to go to an electronic store to try the 1km fm transmitter.

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