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News : I
prefer to receive DATA CDr/DVDr (as FLAC files). Audio CDs will do as well.

Master Recordings

I've been recording since 1998 in Montréal, QC


Source :

Tape Recorder
MZ-R55 + ECM-DS70P
MZ-N10 + ECM-DS70P
MZ-N10 + Core Sound Binaurals (w/ bass  roll-off)
H320 (w/ rockbox. WAV 44/16) + Core Sound Binaurals (w/ bass roll-off)
H320 (w/ rockbox. WAV 44/16) + DPA4061+CSB high-end bbox

Full List

All shows are verified to be


Send me a mail for the full list.

Some of my master recordings are now available for download :

Godspeed You Black Emperor - Église St-Roch, Québec, QC - 2003-04-12



I can copy CDr, MD's, DVDr and Tapes : No DAT or VHS
I am only interested in clean LOSSLESS recordings : no MP3, edits or gaps between songs. I don't send the CD cases, just a paper sleeve.


Tapers are always welcome to send their list. It would be great to get new contacts with people recording in other cities.

I am especially looking for new live recordings of any of these bands :

arab strap, a silver mount zion, beach boys (60-72), bedhead, belle and sebastian, black ox orkestar, blonde redhead, boards of canada, broadcast, calexico, johnny cash, chicago underground quartet, dinosaur jr ('80s or 2005), dirty three, dismemberment plan, do make say think, brian eno ('70s), esmerine, john fahey, faust ('70s), fly pan am, for carnation, friends of dean martinez, serge gainsbourg, gastr del sol, giardini di mirò, joao gilberto, philip glass, godspeed you black emperor, goldfrapp (2000), hanged up, francoise hardy ('60s), tim hecker, high llamas, hrsta, isotope 217, june of 44, kraftwerk, kronos quartet, labradford, low, molasses, mogwai, monade, mouse on mars, mudhoney ('80s), múm, neu!, os mutantes, jim o'rourke (pop), pan american, pavement, astor piazzolla, pizzicato five, polvo, sam prekop, rachel's, steve reich, rex, rodan, sea and cake, sebadoh, set fire to flames, shalabi effect, sam shalabi & related, shipping news, sigur rós, sleater-kinney, slint, sonic youth, sonora pine, stereolab, the stooges, tortoise, tom ze, trans am, tricolor, united states of america, ceatano veloso, velvet underground, yo la tengo