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    MeatShop Interview (By Shane)

    1-How did ARROW come to be? When did you first start it, and how was the "ride" to popularity?

    ARROW: “Arrow in the Head” was born a bit over two years ago by freak chance. I had never cared about or been on the Internet before tackling the site. My good bud Berge Garabedian (aka JoBlo) wanted to expand his site “JoBlo’s Movie Emporium”. Knowing of my knowledge of the horror genre, my experience in writing/journalism and the movie biz, he asked me if I wanted to give a horror section a shot. Since I wanted to keep my writing fresh and never dug the mainstream critic’s approach to horror reviews, I said yes. I never though for a micro-second that it would pick up like it did. The ride to popularity as you say was pretty fast. Six months in, horror personalities that I’ve idolized most of my life started writing in to prop my work. That was quite a trip. Then people started asking me to send them autographed pictures and the Studios eventually took notice of me. I quickly found out that I was doing something right.

    2-Before making ARROW, what other sites did you have? Did any of them succeed?

    ARROW: None whatsoever. I come from a TV/Film background and only hopped on the web bandwagon when “Arrow in the Head” got tossed my way.

    3-How did you first learn html? How old were you?

    ARROW: HTM what? I actually never learned HTML. I know a bit about it but I either use Frontpage/Dreamweaver or let the fine folks that know HTML on the team handle the grunt work.

    4-Why did you decide to make your page on horror and not another topic?

    ARROW: I’ve always loved movies overall but the horror genre has always been my main poison of choice. So it was natural that if I would cover anything, it would be horror. Along with women, the genre is one of my biggest loves. I want to write about it, I want to create it, I want to direct it, and I want to be a big part of it in all of its aspects. That’s my goal. The site is one thing and I’m taking the necessary steps to take my involvement in the horror world further. Having said that, if wouldn’t have asked me to do “Arrow in the Head”, it probably wouldn’t exist today. Being a critic was never an ambition of mine, I just stumbled into it.

    5-What are some of your favorite horror sites on the net, and why?

    ARROW: When I’m not working on “Arrow in the Head” I try to stay away from my computer as much as I can. I have a love/hate relationship with that freaking machine. In my book, life is too short to live it sitting in front of a CPU screen. But when I do wind up surfing other sites, I usually hit Creature Corner for its dead on horror news, The Terror Trap for its old school jive, Dark Dreams for its extensive Dario Argento coverage, John Carpenter’s Official Site cause I love the dude to death and for entertainment. I should also mention that when you order movies through the “Meat Shop”, they don’t fuck you over; I got a copy of Sleepaway Camp 2 to prove it. Thanks guys!
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