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  Arrow In The Head

    John Fallon Quote on "Arrow In The Head":
    "mainstream critics donít understand or respect the horror genre and I wanted to give it the attention it deserved while at the same time entertaining the reader. I never expected the site to become this big.
    ---Voices Newsletter

    Arrow In The Head is John Fallon's popular horror movie site. Check it out for all the latest horror reviews, celebrity interview, the mistress of the week and movie convention coverage. Hereís what horror personalities are saying about The Arrow


    "Housed within are some of the best horror reviews I've ever read. No sugar coating and no butt-kissing, if the Arrow doesn't like it, he tells it like it is. "
    ---Todd Farmer (screenwriter- Jason X)

    "With his reviews, and interviews, The Arrow combines a love for horror films with the brains and wit that the genre deserves.
    ---Wayne Powers (writer-director-Skeletons in the Closet/ writer-Deep Blue Sea).

    "The Arrow is a gleefully opinionated site that picks up where "Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In" left off. An obssessive's guide to horrors both A and B."
    ---Mick Garris (write-director-Critters 2/director-Sleepwalkers-The Stand)

    "When I want a second opinion regarding a genre film I'll always check out the Arrow to see what he has to say. The man knows his horror!"
    ---Jonathan Liebesman (director-Darkness Falls)

    "The Arrow is a full blooded horror site with some of the most intelligent, hip and on-target reviews of genre films on the internet"
    ---Eric Red (writer The Hitcher/writer-director-Bad Moon)

    "Arrow shoots straight and gives you the full story. Johnny really cares about getting his facts right-- unlike some other genre websites and magazines."
    ---John Carl Buechler (director/Friday The 13th 7)

    "It's great to see a web site that understands and exults the horror genre, recognizing it as an alternative art form, rather than trivialize and demean it as does much of the critical media."
    ---Gary Sherman (writer/director-Poltergeist 3)

    "No two ways about it, this site rocks! Reliable reviews of cult films new and
    old, cinematic trailers, interviews with all your favorite stars and starlets, scripts and even a "NC-17" mistress of the week photo gallery!"

    - Cult
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