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  Red Hours

    "What I really appreciated about "THE RED HOURS" were the grungy, horny, rudely likable Gen X characters of the four ravers. The dialogue was very naturalistic, and the slang was gritty and believable. Particularly the frank and funky sexual talk of the randy politics and tense sexual relationships. John Fallon's dialogue was just like kids really talk, and that is a MAJOR talent he has. Closer to Roger Avery, Nic Hornsby or Richard Price in sensibility, than George Romero, Wes Craven or Kevin Williamson".
    *** ERIC RED (The Hitcher, Near Dark, Bad Moon, Body Parts)

    Anything can happen... after hours

    An insane rave, a sensual woman, an invitation, a party...big mistake. Brainchild of screenwriter, actor, critic and horror genre aficionado John Fallon, The Red Hours is an action-packed, in your face, hallucinogenic attack on the senses. Not only does it embody all of the ingredients of a modern successful horror film but it also echoes the harsh genre offerings of the 70's while at the same time delivering its own healthy dose of the macabre from an entirely unique perspective.

    When hardcore pill-popping ravers Lucky, Smurf, Natasha and Drew accept to attend a "private" soiree set up by the deviant Audrey, they find themselves partying way harder than they ever imagined. Using the themes and values of the now very popular rave scene as the driving force behind the scares, The Red Hours not only serves up what one would expect from a horror piece (exciting chase sequences, chainsaw-wielding fiends, eerie apparitions and carnage galore) but it also addresses the current social issues that are particularly prevalent in the colorful and hedonistic rave culture. Themes such as monogamy, bi-sexuality, man's place in today's society and the ever-present notion of love are all creatively dissected here with a penchant towards horror to thrill the viewer.

    With action reminiscent of "From Dusk Till Dawn", backdrops that scream "Go" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and an atmosphere that echoes the work of David Lynch, The Red Hours is a daring, powerful, clever, mind-bending and relentless ride that will not only have the viewers wiggling in their seats in anticipation, but will also have them reflecting upon what really does happen... after hours.

    Will you dare find out what happens after hours?

    The Red Hours, written and directed by John Fallon.
    Now in development.
    Official Red Hours Site
  Copyright @ 2003 John Fallon. All rights reserved