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                   by Francisco Charrua

                          SCENE I

It was  a calm  October night  at Xavier's school for gifted
young people.  Everyone was  asleep  in  their  own  private
quarters, something that took  a great load off the newlywed
couple in  charge of  the place,  Sean and  Emma. They  were
peacefully cradled  in each others arms, sleeping. The girls
were asleep on  the  same floor. The period  of  normal life
this group  had been experiencing was going to end this very

Jubilee, looking  out the  window of her room, was the first
to see  it.   Starting at  the floor  of  the  building  and
working its  way up, was a turbulent ball of psionic energy.
Before our  beloved mutant  had the  time  to  blurt  out  a
"Ohmygod", a good part  of the wall had  started  to combust 
and crumble.  She  swiftly ran to  Paige's room and urgently 
tugged at her arm.

"Humm?" She  asked, quickly awakening herself. "Our building
!!". She stared at  her former roommate like someone waiting
for a cue card to be flashed.

"We need out, like, NOW !!" bursted Jubes.

In a  few blinks  Husk had  a body made of hard granite. She
picked up  Jubilee and  with  her  back  broke  through  the
burning wall  of her  room.  As  they  both  landed  on  the
pavement, Jubilation  wished that her friend had turned into
something that could fly.

"Alrightallrightalright. So  having a  room  on  the  second
floor wasn't a great  idea!  As  IF  ..."  her  whining  was
interrupted by a familiar voice.

"Are ye  alright ?"  inquired Sean.  "I assume the lass fell
first ..."  he muttered  looking at  Paige, who  was  slowly
getting up and husking away her rocky outer shell.

By now,  whatever was  happening to the building had stopped
happening. Sean  looked at  the badly  damaged part  of  the
building with  an exasperated  look on his face. From around
the corner, appeared Monet St Croix carrying Chamber.
                          SCENE II

The next  day, at  the local  park ...  Poor poor  Jono  ...
Everyone in the team out playing softball and he Just HAD to
sit there  and be nurtured to death. Sitting to his left and
his right  were Emma and Sean. Monet had revealed the source
of the  explosion to  them. Now  it was up to him to explain
how and why, two questions that he could barely answer.

"You don't  have to  say anything  dear ... I know ... These
psionic powers  can be  more than  we could  handle. Keeping
them under  control can  be ..."  Emma  tried  to  sound  as
supportive as humanly possible.

Jono just  looked down.  Inside, he was trying to figure out
why for apparently no  reason, he  had nearly destroyed five
rooms of  the house  and came so close to killing two of his
best friends. Sean got off the bench.

"Emma dear, think I'll join the lads for a game." He figured
Emma was better at this supportive stuff than he was.

Emma looked  at Chamber  with concern,  the last  thing  she
needed was  another Monet  on her  hands. As the team played
ball, the  White Queen tried to get Chamber to open up about
the incident.  Finally, after  trying almost everything, she
looked at Jono and apologized.  Seconds later Chamber felt a
jolt go through his body.
                         SCENE III

Jono was  slowly awakening  from a dream. A dream of a sunny
day at  the park  and an  encounter  with  that  white  lady
dressed in  black. As  the images  faded from  his  mind  he
thought about turning over. His body slowly complied, and he
lay there yawning and thinking  about his dream. He wouldn't
dare tell  Gayle about this. Getting off his bed, he noticed
a figure  standing by  the door.  Now he remembered, SHE was
the white lady in black. It was Emma Frost.

"Hello Jono ... " , she walked over and sat beside him.

"Hello Emma  ...", he  replied. But  who the  hell was  Emma
Frost ? She seemed old enough  for him to call her ma'am, or
Ms. Frost. Yet there was something familiar about her.

"You look  well young  man." she slowly said, looking at his
not yet shattered torso.

Jono looked  up in  shock as  Emma put  her palm against his
ribs. Emma had very soft hands, and he began to feel at ease
with  her  presence.  He  was  starting  to  daydream  about
something when  he noticed  her hand  was  becoming  like  a
suction cup.  He started  feeling dizzy  as a  huge wave  of
pressure started  to come  from inside  of him. Emma's white
skin  was  turning  into  dark  scar  tissue.  He  then  saw
everything around him turn violent red.

Chamber opened his eyes again. The whole team was looking at
him with puzzled looks on their faces. Next to him, Emma was
backing away slowly, obviously in a mild state  of shock. He
was back at the park.
                          SCENE IV

"Can you  pass the  potatoes?" Mondo  reached out  as  Paige
handed him  a big  bowl full  of mashed  up stuff.  "Yum ...

Emma, at  the head  of the table, let a smile slip by. Paige
anxiously awaited  the last byte of that particular meal. "I
suffer making  it, it's  only fair that they should suffer a
little eating  it" She cleared her throat as Jubilee sneaked
another forkfull  into a  bag she  was concealing  under the
table. "You  know  Juby  dear, if  you want to save some for
later ..."

Monet, who was sitting  next to Angelo, started  abruptly "I 
can explain what happened to Ms. Frost back at the park.".

Sean quickly swallowed what he was eating " Couldn't it wait
till after, lass?

"I'm  sorry sir but I am afraid last night's little accident
may have had little to do with Jonothon's ability to control
his power.  I believe  I have  enough evidence  as  to  what
happened from  what I've  observed in Ms. Frost's telepathic
contact with Jonothon."

"WHAT ?!!!" Emma's fork fell in her desert.

Banshee turned  red as  he blurted "Ye mean ye witnessed the
whole bloody  thing and  did nae  do a thing to stop it !...
Perhaps I  should have  sent you BOTH to yer rooms ! Him for
playing his games and you for ..."

"Actually, I  was trying  to interact  with his subconscious
mind in  order to  find possible  triggers for his excessive
psionic energy releases. I found  three." Now every one  had
stopped eating and was facing Monet.

"And what  could THESE  be ?"  Inquired Sean,  who  was  now
squatting next  to his  wife, holding  her hand.  They  both
listened attentively for a response.

"Two of  the reasons  are rather personal and shouldn't even
be mentioned"  she briefly  looked at Paige, who was looking
at her  empty plate  in relief.  "As for  the other  ... I'm
afraid that  my brother's  attempt to  drain  him  may  have
created a  sort of  defense mechanism  ..."  Monet  was  now
avoiding eye contact with her peers.

Chamber's ghostly presence  filled  the  room, as he reached
out to  them with  his  psionic  speech.  He  slowly  walked
towards the  kitchen. {Something  is wrong and it's not me.}
he was now looking at Monet. {He has returned, hasn't he ?}

Further words were not  needed. Jonothon knew  someone  very  
familiar had paid him a visit that night. They all did. They 
looked at  M, waiting  for ... something ... She quickly got
up propelling her chair against  the wall, and  ran  towards 
her room.

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Images drawn by Louai

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