Date:  Sunday, August 26, 2001
  Location:  Lachine, Quebec
     Time:  1:00 pm
In Attendance:  Jocelyne Auclair, Brian Babb, Tony Feist, Arthur Grannary, Michel Lacombe, Carmen Paquin, Peter Payan, Albert St James, Ian St James, Dave Small, Craig Taylor, Kristy Taylor, Martha Taylor


The meeting was called to order at 1:15 pm.

Vice Chairman Brian Babb, also acting as Treasurer, presented the financial statement.  Received to date $11,000, donations $3,000, registrations $6,650.  The status of the souvenirs is that one third are sold and hopefully 50% of the Fellerites will order souvenirs during the reunion weekend.  Brian Babb and Jan Babb will be manning the souvenir tables during the reuinon weekend.

Status of WILL ATTEND:

Found 350 Fellerites.  Sent out 300 invitations.  Fifty choose to not be found.  WILL ATTEND (so far) 155.


Michel Lacombe will provide a shuttle service as required.


Albert St James volunteered to construct glass display cases in order to place valuable memorabilia safely inside.


Dave Small and Mary Small volunteered to handle decorations at the Relais Gouverneur and the Golf Course.


Arthur Grannary will be in charge of the basketball pickup game and cheerleading Saturday morning.


Jocelyne Auclair will be in charge of guided tours at the museum and the church.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45 pm. 
Motion by Brian Babb.  Seconded by Dave Small.  Carried.

Carmen Paquin, Secretary  cbpaquin@sympatico.ca

Special Note:

Apologies from the Chairman

Please accept my apologies for the delay in these minutes.  As you can see this meeting was mostly housekeeping and general discussion and review of how things were going.  Nothing changed as a result of this meeting and there was precious little to report.   Soon after this meeting, events started kind of overtaking us and I deemed it more important to attend to the actual doing of the reunion undertaking than it was to report on the discussions surrounding it.  As a consequence these minutes kept losing their turn in the queue as matters of greater substance kept cropping up.  The delay is as much my fault as the Secretary.  I agreed with her priorities and kept asking her to attend to other matters in preference to the preparation and publishing of these minutes.  It remains though that most of you had no way of knowing that there was little of consequence in these minutes and you continued to wait patiently for their publication.  Again, Im sorry we left you all wondering for so long.

Ian St James, Chairman    

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