Date:  Sunday, November 11, 2001
  Location:  Lachine, Quebec
     Time:  1:00 pm
In Attendance:  Jocelyne Auclair, Brian Babb, Jan Babb, Bernard Bordeleau, Anne Durling, Tony Feist, Glen Graves, Arthur Grannary, Michel Lacombe, Carmen Paquin, Peter Payan, Albert St James, Ian St James, Dave Small


The meeting was called to order at 1:30 pm.

Ian St James opened the meeting by underlining the considerable contribution to our reunion made by Jan Babb, a non-Fellerite.  He went on to propose that she be made an “Honorary Fellerite” in recognition of her efforts.

Be it resolved that Jan Babb is henceforth an Honorary Fellerite for all the work she contributed prior to and during the reunion.
Moved by Art Grannary.  Seconded by Dave Small.  Carried unanimously.

Albert St James addressed the meeting to express thanks to the most active members such as the executive, Jan, Arthur, Jocelyne and others for the work contributed and duties carried out during the reunion weekend. He also expressed his opinion that the weekend itself was beyond expectations.  Art Grannary, speaking in response to Albert’s comments, stated that the weekend being such a success was its own reward.    Michel Lacombe suggested that in the event of another reunion, another group or team should do it for the very reason that the main players of this past reunion were not able to fully partake of it because they were on duty the entire weekend.  In response to Michel Lacombe, Ian St James echoed Arthur’s comments about how rewarding it had been and added that our duties had on the other hand, given us the opportunity to speak with just about everyone who attended even if only for relatively short periods of time.

The chairman proposed to the committee that while many had contributed photos to the reunion, for which we were all grateful, he felt that Fred Paradis’ contribution had been unique and outstanding.  He proposed that the committee express its appreciation to Fred by way of a thank you plaque.

Be it resolved that the committee present a plaque of appreciation to Fred Paradis in recognition of his unique photographic contribution to the memories of Fellerites.

Moved by Arthur Grannary.  Seconded by Glen Graves.  Carried unanimously.

Brian Babb presented the committee with the financial information.  The overall income for the reunion was $30,279.88.  Total expenses were $28,879.50, leaving a surplus of  $1,400.38.

There are still souvenirs in each category except mugs.  Cassettes of the Feller Remembered presentation are down to less than a half dozen, but Brian informed the committee that more cassettes could be made if the demand continues. Brian and Jan Babb will continue to operate the “Feller Souvenirs Boutique”.

Chairman Ian St James proposed that the bank account remain open as revenues from souvenir sales are still dribbling in.  The Madame Feller museum roof is in need of repair and the proposal was made to put together a work bee to carry out the repairs next spring using monies from the surplus. Doing it this way, will extend the effectiveness of the surplus and other projects such as a new sign for the museum and display cases or other necessary repairs may be undertaken in a similar manner.  The proposal was enthusiastically received and a little mini reunion on the museum roof is in the works for next spring.  Date to be finalized according to the weather forecast at the time.  Watch the Feller website for information next spring if you’d like to join in.

If any Fellerites are prepared to contribute memorabilia to the museum, it is to be sent to Jocelyne Auclair, 1958 rue Principale, St Blaise QC J0J 1W0.

A solid consensus evolved to use the surplus in the manner described above.  A discussion then took place about not actually dissolving the committee even though its original raison d’etre no longer existed, but to keep the structure in place for the purpose of administering and making good use of the surplus funds in the interest of our Feller memories.  It was agreed that barring extraordinary circumstances any further meeting of committee members would not necessarily constitute a formal meeting except as might be required at the call of the chair once per year in order to satisfy the minimum norms of such a society.

Be it resolved that from this point forward this committee shall continue in a caretaker capacity in the interests of the Feller Alumni.

Be it further resolved that future meetings will be at the call of the chair.

Be it still further resolved that the executive is empowered to administer financial resources in the interests of the Feller Alumni. 
Moved by Dave Small   Seconded by Glen Graves.  Carried unanimously.


Dave Small proposed a plaque of who attended the Feller Reunion 2001 be placed inside the museum. 

Ian St James explained to the committee that he enjoys doing computer graphic work and is eager for any pictures of the reunion that anyone may be willing to send him.  He is hoping to collect enough to maybe put together some kind of CD compilation and perhaps a photo album in hopes that they may be of sufficient interest to Fellerites that he might offer them for sale via the web site with any profits over and above his costs going into the surplus fund.

The possibility of acquiring a computer for free, or close to it, for placing inside the museum was explored.  It would seem a simpler idea to be able to surf the Feller website at the museum rather than leaf through binders of printouts from the website.

Art Grannary proposed the idea of Fellerites celebrating New Year’s together. He explained that we could buy tickets to the same event and enjoy our New Year’s celebrations in the company of Feller friends.  The suggestion was well received except for some concern expressed that it may already be too late to reserve.  Art agreed to look into the possibilities to see if he could find a convenient venue in the Montreal area to suit this purpose.  It may be that this is too short a notice for banquet halls, and depending on the numbers of alumni interested, this may be only possible in December 2002.

Carmen Paquin explained that she intends to continue maintaining and expanding the Feller Alumni database “forever”.   Please continue to send information on new-found Fellerites to cbpaquin@sympatico.ca and/or relger@sympatico.ca

The Feller Reunion 2001 address in Toronto was temporary and will now be discontinued.  From now on please use the following address: - 451 Alexandra, St Lambert QC J4R 1Z4.  Please contact us any time.

The meeting adjourned at 3:02 pm.
Moved by Brian Babb.  Seconded by Dave Small.  Carried.

Carmen Paquin, Secretary

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