Feller Boutique 


These are not photos of the actual items.  They are the photos we cobbled together for this page.  The actual products quite closely resemble these, except for the t-shirts where the picture is black on gray. 

The reunion is over but except for mugs there are still some items remaining.  Brian and Jan have agreed to keep the Feller Boutique open as long as there are supplies remaining.

The P.O. Box address in Toronto was a temporary rental and will now be closed.  To order contact Brian via email at bbabb43@sympatico.ca 

or via "snail mail" at: 

Feller Boutique
451 Alexandra, 
St Lambert QC 
J4R 1Z4

  For delivery by mail add $6.00 to the total of your order.  (Prices indicated include taxes.)

Videocassettes of the outstanding 
"Feller Remembered" 
presentation of Sunday afternoon.


(We are about to run out of cassettes but more can be ordered in relatively small quantities, so if you'd like one advise Brian)

Baseball cap with Feller crest on front 


Navy blue golf shirt with 
small crest over left breast 

These shirts are really nice quality.  (Unfortunately we only have Large size left available but it is a pretty big "large".)


Grey T-Shirt with artist sketch on chest 
and the inscription "Institut Feller College" below  

 Large size - $15.00

Expect this item to look substantially different. 
I expect the building will be mostly outlined in
black ink with the shirt material forming the background and therefore considerably less 'white'.
  (I was unable to create that effect.)


Glass tumblers and coffee mugs
with Feller crest on one side and
Reunion 2001 on the other side.

Mugs are sold out.  A re-order is not likely as the minimum order is 50, 
but who knows?

 $10.00 ea  or  $35.00 for a set of four.


We had some new Feller crests made up.

They make crests differently these days,
but these are in the same style we knew,
with the felt backing.

They look quite nice in a suitably sized frame. 


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