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Yet another video: Au Pays des Geants
You can find a complete race here on KNAC

We have new footage, but we need to edit it first. We're STILL planning to film with 3 cameras, take shots from many angles, and do a video with music and FX.

I know, I have not given any news since last January, but here's an update. We are now 5 drivers, the last guy bought the Blue Nissan. I can't make the difference in the heat of the race between him and the blue Subaru. The tar paper (black stuff on the track, see Slim's site for photos) fill our gears with dirt, but gives a lot more grip. Too much grip. The others flips pretty often, I got problem (again ??) with my car, so I'm not flippin', unless a car pushes me in a curve.We have not race with 5 cars often, the silver audi broke a gear in the servo box. The part is b/o 'till end of march, so we should have it pretty soon. But a lot of parts have broken lately. There's always some retouch we have to do to the car , but we have a little over abused them :) Accidents are violent. DON'T DRIVE IF YOUR CAR HAS NOT ITS BODY PUT ON! I broke 2 wheels (I'm using silver audi wheels as spare parts (c: ). All of us but the last guy have to replace the rear suspension. I changed my tires too. I don't know what kind of tires they put on the Audi (made in china, while Nissan and Subaru are made in Japan), but they're kind of really slick. Not a problem if you're driving for fun, but racing for fun gets pretty boring against 2 powerful Nissans. I had to buy a soldering iron. The wires conneted to the motor are breaking a lot, but it happens to me only. If you feel you're car has less ommph , probably those wires are partly broken. I'm not sure if we will take a break this summer, but I hope we will make that supa-dupa movie some day.

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Vitesse estimée/Estimated speed : 16 km/h ou 4.44 metres/s.

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