Mass Transit : the future way of life
by François Pepin, eng. Me

Autobus 1956 de la CTM Autobus 1972 de la CTCUM Autobus 1972 de la CTCUM Autobus 1985 de la STCUM Autobus 1997 de la STCUM Autobus 2010 de la STM

Mass transit development is one of the most efficient way to reduce gaz causing the green house effect. After the Kyoto protocole, the Toronto protocole stated that public transportation is a major contribution to liveable communities and sustainable development :

Toronto Protocol

As a transit engineer, at the beginning of the third millenium, I wish to help you explore new avenues in the public transit field. Here are some links related to moving people in urban areas. Have fun and enjoy your trip!
Tramway 1940 Metro 1976 de la STCUM Autobus articulé 2009 de la STM SLR STCUM SLR STCUM

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