Ada Catherine Derosier
b: Mar 24, 1890 Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada
d: June 10, 1947 Kennedy, Saskatchewan, Canada
Married: Feb 23, 1914 Transcona, Manitoba, Canada to
Philip Royal Barclay
b: Mar 7, 1890 Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada
d: Nov 1973 Kennedy, Saskatchewan, Canada

Their Children:

Francis Oliver Barclay
b: July 23, 1918 Kennedy Sask.
Married: January 10, 1946 to
Emmeline Catherine Mary Lacroix.

John Amzin Barclay
b: Nov 4, 1914 Esterhazy Sask.
d: Sept 10, 1990 
Married: Aug 15, 1953 Ottawa Ont. to
Clare Lochnan. 

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