Michael J.Coyne
b: March 10, 1830 Ireland d: 1913
Married: Mary Moran
b: Abt. 1836 d: Dec 10, 1881 Buried: Limerick Ont.
Father: John P. Moran Mother: Mary


Their Children:

Michael Coyne

Mary Coyne b: Abt 1857
Married: Thomas McMahon
Two Children: Mary and Dennis

Bridget Coyne b: Abt. 1858

Patrick Coyne b: Abt. 1863

Helen Coyne
b:Bet. 1868-1869 d: May 18, 1887
Married: Thomas Bettridge

John L. Coyne b: Abt. Feb. 1871

Catharine Coyne
b: Bet. 1873-1874 d:1951 Syracuse NY
Married: Mr. Gillen

Rose Ann Coyne
b: Aug 9, 1875 Ogdensburg NY d: Apr 30, 1951 NY
Married: Elmer MacDougall

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