Daniel Roy MacMillan
b: May 24, 1857 Berwick, Ontario, Canada
d: Apr 30, 1936 Berwick, Ontario, Canada
m: Oct 10, 1889 Finch Township, Ontario, Canada to Rose (Rosie Rosanna) Baker
b:  Jan 13, 1873 Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA
d: Sept 30, 1956 Avonmore, Ontario Canada

Daniel's Ancestors were :

Donald Roy MacMillan
b: Dec 7, 1828 Finch Township, Ontario, Canada
d: Jan 2, 1910 Berwick, Ontario, Canada
Jane Anne McIntosh
b: Mar 5, 1828 Ontario, Canada
d: May 19, 1912 Berwick, Ontario, Canada


Alexander Roy MacMillan
b: Abt. 1800 Scotland
m: Abt. 1825 in Ontario, Canada
d: Bet. 1863 and 1866 Finch Township, Ontario, Canada
Isabella MacDonell
b: May 1802 Lancaster,Ontario, Canada
d: Nov 6, 1877 Finch Township, Ontario, Canada


Great Grandfather:
Ewen Roy MacMillan
b: Abt. 1770 Scotland
d: Nov 18 1831, Finch Township, Ontario, Canada
m: Abt 1795 Scotland
Great Grandmother:
Sara McPherson b: Abt 1763 Scotland
d: Dec 4, 1822 in Finch Township, Ontario, Canada.

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