Our thanks to Lorraine and Basil Weatherell, Paint Lake, Dorset, Ontario, for their warm hospitality in August 1999 and for all of the following information.


Elizabeth Norton
b: Apr.22, 1887 Dorset Ontario
d: Dec. 1950 Toronto Ont.
Married: Bet. 1907-1908 to Edward B. Speers
b: 1 883 Bruce Co. Owen Sound Ont.
d: 1950 Toronto
(Parents:Thomas Ed. Speers, ? Cassidy)



Blake Edward Speers
b: 1909 Bracebridge Ont. d: 1965 Ottawa Ont.
Married: 1932 Bracebridge to Mary Bird.
One Son: James B. Speers

Marguerite Speers
b: 1917 Bracebridge Ont.
d: 1983 London Ont.
Married: 1) Birton Oxford 2) Kendall Glendenning


A Poem written by Marguerite Speers:

By the lake that's known as Paint,
The cottage stands, quite old and quaint,
Its painted yellow, trimmed with green,
The brightest colors you've ever seen,
A green canoe sits on the shore,
A pile nearby with wood galore.
The little house out back reminds us
Of simpler times we left behind us,
It's only used in warmer seasons,
My love for it has many reasons.

My roots run deep you understand,
I'm the third generation on this land.
Grandpa Norton from Crysler down east,
Met Margaret Dale, a young lady so sweet.
She had come from Birkendale Lake of Bays,
To teach little children the means and the ways
Of spelling and reading, arithmetic too,
And anything else she thought they should do.
Then the cottage was built by mother and dad
On part of the farm my Grandfather had.

When they were gone the deed in my name
To this piece of land I staked my claim.
As I sit on the porch and look out o'er the lake,
I ponder on life and the paths that we take.
If I lift up my eyes to the hillside so green,
I see the headstones and the graves in between.
One generation must yield right of way
And so on life goes on night and day.
So life's not so bad if we stop and we think,
There are wars and disasters always there on the brink,
That life keeps on going the same, and the good
Is ours for the asking if we live as we should!

Author: Marguerite Speers

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