Isabel Margaret Beehler 
b: Feb. 13, 1916
Married: Aug 20, 1937 Notre Dame du Rosaire Church, Crysler to
Leonard O'Donahue/Donahue
b: ? d: Feb 3, 1981 Winchester, Ontario

Their Sixteen Children:

Nicholas O'Donahue/Donahue

Dwaine O'Donahue/Donahue

Sharon O'Donahue/Donahue Married: William Lipp

Carol O'Donahue/Donahue Married: Claude St. Laurent

Patricia Ann O'Donahue/Donahue Married: Jim Merkely

Patrick KevinO'Donahue/Donahue

Maureen O'Donahue/Donahue Married: Burns McLean

Brian O'Donahue/Donahue

Stephen O'Donahue/Donahue

Leonard O'Donahue/Donahue

Doris O'Donahue/Donahue Married:Robert Grant

Marion O'Donahue/Donahue Married: Doug Cameron

Leo O'Donahue/Donahue

Monica O'Donahue/Donahue

Danny O'Donahue/Donahue

Michael O'Donahue/Donahue

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