James Grady
b:1822 County Mayo Ireland
d: 1883 Connaught.
Married Bridget Brennan
b:1830 Ireland d: 1895 Connaught.

Their Children:

Ann b:1850 Connaught d: (?) Herkimer NY.
Married Mr.? Castle b: (?)d: (?) Herkimer NY.

James b:1854 Connaught d: (?) Finch.
Married Mary (Ellie) Corrigan
b: (?) d: (?) Chesterville.

Mary b:1856 Connaught d: (?) Chesterville.
Married Andrew Kearns b: (?) d: (?) Chesterville.

Michael b:1858 Connaught d: 1929 Chesterville.
Married (1) Margaret Wheeler b: (?) d:1901.
Married (2) Mary Jane McKeon
b:1879 d:1970 Chesterville.

John: b:1860 Connaught d:1943 Governeur NY.
Married Sarah Cameron b:1864 d:1922 Governeur NY.

Francis b:1862 Connaught d: (?) Butte Montana.
Marital status unknown.

Bridget b:1864 Connaught d: (?) Canton, New York
Married James (Jim) McLaughlin of Canton, New York

Rose b:1866 Connaught d: (?) Single.

Jane b:1868 Connaught d: (?) Chesterville.
Married Ed Wheeler b: ? d: (?) Chesterville.

Joseph b:1870 Connaught d: (?) Butte Montana
Married Mary McMahon b: (?) d: (?) Chesterville.

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