Our thanks to Lorraine and Basil Weatherell, Paint Lake, Dorset Ontario, for their warm hospitality in August 1999 and for all of the following information.


James Alfred Norton
b: Jan 5, 1892 Dorset, Ontario
d: Aug 28, 1932 Toronto, Ontario
Married: Dec 22, 1915 in Bracebridge, Ontario to
Dorothy Hilda Failes
b: Feb 11, 1892 London, England
d: Feb 20, 1975 Bracebridge, Ontario


Beatrice Elaine Norton
b: Aug 5, 1916 Bracebridge, Ontario
d: Oct. 21, 1985 Bracebridge, Ontario

Frederick Wallace Norton

Irene Ada Norton
b: May 1, 1922 Welland, Ontario
d: June 6, 1999 Bracebridge, Ontario

Verna Marie Norton


James A Norton


Wife Dorothy, with
(RIGHT) Irene (LEFT) and Frederick

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