James Richard Norton
b: July 26,1875 Crysler Ontario d: Aug 1948 Ottawa Ontario
Married: Feb 3,1903 Crysler Ontario to
Catherine Ann Beehler
b: July 10,1881 near Crysler Ontario
d: June 16,1940 Dunbar Ontario

Their Children:

Clement Joseph Norton
b: Feb. 13, 1919 Crysler Ontario
d: Oct. 10, 1992 B.C. Canada

John Victor Norton
b: Jan 3,1904 Crysler Ontario
d: Apr 9,1933 St. Lawrence River Road, Tracey's Landing N.Y.

Albert James Norton
b: Mar 2,1906 Crysler Ontario
d: Feb 21,1973 Potsdam N.Y.

William Sylvester Norton
b: October 11,1909
d: Aug 28,1982 Morrisburg Ontario

Francis Thomas Norton
b: Dec 24,1911
d: Oct 14,1993 Cornwall Ontario

Vincent Michael Norton
b: Sept 21,1916
d: Dec 3,1989 Ottawa Ontario


Family Of  James Norton
9 Pleasant Street

Massena New York

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