John Alfred Norton
b: Nov 8,1879 Crysler, Stormont Co.,Ontario
d: Aug 28,1949 Crysler Ontario
Married: Feb 11,1918 Crysler Ontario to
Lucy Jane Martin
b:Nov 16,1892 Crysler Ontario
d: Dec 5,1941 Montreal, Quebec


Michael Francis Norton
b: 1916 Died in Infancy

Raphael James Norton
b: Oct 13,1919 Finch Ontario
d: July 26,1978 Renfrew Ontario

Leonard Joseph Norton
b: Sept 4,1921 Finch Ontario
d: Nov. 9, 2006 Montreal, Quebec

Martin Ambrose Norton
b: July 29,1923 Finch Ontario
d: July 28, 1999 Chandler Arizona

Marie Lorette Norton
b: April 18,1929 Crysler Ontario
d:Aug 14,1981 Cornwall Ontario

Irene Ann Norton
b:Nov 14,1930 Crysler Ont.
d: Nov 30,1989 Cornwall Ont.


Wedding Picture
John Alfred Norton and Lucy Jane Martin


Family Reunion, Cornwall Ontario Canada 1961

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