Joseph Clement Norton
b: May 11,1864 Crysler, Ontario
d: Nov 22,1945 Cleveland, Ohio
Married: Dec 27, 1904 Cleveland, Ohio to
Mary Francis Cleary
b:1875 Cleveland Ohio  d: Jan 26, 1964 Cleveland, Ohio


William Forrest (Frosty) Norton
b: Aug 23, 1905  Cleveland, Ohio
d:July 15,1986 Aurora, Portage County, Ohio
Married April 1, 1931 Cleveland, Ohio to Hilda Dolzell
b: March 28,1906 Pittsburg, PA.
d: Sept 1975 Fort Myers, FLA.

Joseph Clement "J.C." Norton
b: Jan. 5, 1909 Cleveland, Ohio.
d: Aug 14, 1989 Winter Park, Orange County, Florida
Married: Catherine/Katherine (Last Name Unknown)
d: Dec. 26, 1968 Kent, Ohio
Married: Wynnafred Doris vonGal
b: 1913 Norwalk, Connecticut
April 1989 Winter Park, Orange Co., Florida

Robert J. Norton
b: May 19, 1914 Cleveland, Ohio


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