Karen Mary Norton
b: Sept. 29, 1941 Cleveland, Ohio
Married: Apr. 2, 1966 South Euclid, Ohio to
James Joseph Rauen
b: June 26, 1935 Chicago (Evanston) Illinois


Their Children:

James Robert Rauen b: July 26, 1967 Santa Clara, California
Married: July 19, 1999 St. Michael's, Maryland to
Tracey Cheyney b: Mar 31, 1965 Delaware Co., PA
One Child: Jakob Peter Rauen b: Apr. 30, 2001 Doylestown, PA

Laurie Jane Rauen b: Oct. 3, 1968 Santa Clara, California
Married: Apr. 25, 1992 Los Gatos California to
Darrell Norton b: Aug. 29, 1961 Berkeley, California
Their Children:
Connor John Norton b: Aug. 30, 1994 Hayward, California
Lucas James Norton b: Dec. 3, 1996 Walnut Creek, California

Nancy Jean Rauen b: Feb. 18, 1971 Santa Clara, California

Lisa Marie Rauen b: Oct. 26, 1973 Santa Clara, California
Married: Aug. 27, 2000 San Francisco, California to
Carlo Gigli b: Mar 20, 1968 Rome, Italy

David Michael Rauen b: May 12, 1980 San Jose, Californi

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