Mary Ryan
b: 1857 Ont. d: Dec 15,1900 Crysler Ont.
Married: Nov 16,1880 to
James Kearns
b: 1851 Crysler Ont. d:Aug 23,1918

Children :

Bridget Kearns
Married: June 13,1923 Crysler Ont. to
Daniel Walsh

Joseph Bryan Walsh
b: abt 1925 Ont. d:June 16,1953

Elizabeth Ann Kearns
Married: Nov 22,1910 Crysler Ont. to
William Mulhern

Richard Kearns
Married: Oct 21,1914 to Bridget Lynch

Samuel Kearns
Married : Sept 1,1936 to Ellen Murphy

William Kearns
b:1885 d:Crysler Ont. 1971
Married: Sept 14,1932 Crysler Ont. to
Annie Curran
b:1896 d:Crysler Ont. 1958

John Kearns Aug 30,1881
Married: Oct 15,1912 Crysler Ont. to
Rose Ann Lynch

Mary Margaret Kearns 1883-1960

Michael Kearns
b: Feb 13,1885 Crysler Ont.
d: Jan 23,1969
Married: Ettie Lynch
Child: Baby Kearns Sept 23,1916

Jeremiah L. Kearns
b: Feb 24,1889
d:Crysler Ont. 1965
Married: April 23,1930 Moose Creek Ont. to
Teresa Catherine Mc Elheran 1889-1975

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