Michael Patrick Manion
b: Sept 29, 1831  in (?) Co Mayo Ireland
d: Apr 20, 1909 in Panama Shelby Co, Iowa, USA.
Married: Feb 4, 1867 Chesterville Ontario Canada to
Bridget Coyne
b: July 12, 1847 Co Mayo, Ireland
d: May 8, 1927 in Panama Shelby Co. Iowa, USA

Their 14 Children:

James Thomas Manion 
b: Nov 10, 1867 Oswego Co., NY, USA
d: Nov 26, 1944 Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Married: Feb 5, 1891 to
Mary Margaret Buckley
b: Apr 1871 Rathcoola, Co., Cork, Ireland
d: Jan 28, 1914
Nine Children: Lilly, Vincent Michael, Marie, James Leo,William Jeremiah, Marguerite, Mildred Ursula, Agnes, Nora
Married: 1916 - 1917 to Mae Hausamn
b: Dec 15, 1889 Louisville, Kentucky, USA
d: Oct 8, 1942 Missouri Valley, Iowa, USA
Two Children:
Paul Temple Manion
b: June 23, 1915
d: 12 Jan 1968 Missouri Valley, Iowa, USA
James Thomas Manion Jr.
b: 16 Nov 1917 Missouri Valley, Iowa, USA
d: 04 Feb 1972 Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Catherine Elizabeth Manion
b: June 4, 1870 in Finch Ontario Canada
d: Dec 6, 1945 in Carroll Iowa, USA

Albert Patrick Manion
b: Aug 9, 1871 Finch Ontario, Canada
d: July13, 1951 Monterey, California, USA
Married: Mary Ellen Hurley

Michael Edward Manion
b: Jan 15, 1873 Finch Ontario, Canada
d: Jan 23, 1874 Finch Ontario, Canada

William John Manion
b: Oct 14, 1874 Finch Ontario Canada
d: Apr 16, 1953 Oceanside, CA, USA
Married: Mary Cathryn Cope

Anna May Manion
b: Feb 29, 1876 Finch Ontario Canada
d: Nov 6, 1954 Panama, Shelby Co., Iowa, USA
Married: Daniel Buckley Apr 20, 1896

Charles Vincent Manion
b: Oct 4, 1877 Finch Ontario Canada
d: Sep 19 or 20, 1880 Finch, Ontario, Canada

Margaret Cecelia Manion
b: July 6, 1879 Finch Ontario Canada
d: 1954 Dunlap, Harrison County, Iowa, USA
Married: 22 Aug 1901 to 
David Albert Peters
b: June 13, 1879 Dunlap, Harrison Co. Iowa USA
d: 1940 Dunlap, Harrison Co., Iowa USA
Father: John Moorhead Peters
Mother: Julia Elizabeth Smith

Their 6 Children:
Audrey Peters + Mr. Lucky.
Living in Pratt Kansas USA
Alberta Peters + Kenneth Harbaugh
John Robert Peters
Madonna Helen Peters + Arnold Volstead
Bernice Peters
M. Virginia Peters
b: Jan 10, 1909 Dunlap Iowa USA
d: Jan 20, 1909  Dunlap Iowa USA

Martin Joseph Manion
b: Dec 1, 1880 Panama Shelby Co. Iowa USA
d: 1954 in Panama Shelby Co. Iowa USA

Helen "Nell" Bridget Manion
b: May 28, 1883 Panama, Shelby Co.,Iowa USA
d: Apr 14, 1920 Panama, Shelby Co., Iowa USA
Married: Oct 31, 1911 to 
Frank Sebastian Oppold
b: 1884 Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois, USA
d: Mar 20, 1969.
Father: Casper Oppold
Mother: Margaret Gall

Their 2 Children:
? Oppold b: Aug 23, 1914
Franklin Oppold
b: Nov 10, 1915 Panama Shelby Co., Iowa,USA
Married: Aug 17, 1942 Panama Shelby Co. Iowa USA to Genevieve Stessman

Henry "Harry" Parnell Manion
b: Apr 19, 1885 Panama Shelby Co. Iowa USA
d: May 9, 1964
Married: Feb 11, 1912 St. Francis of Assissi, Bend, Crook Co., Oregon USA to
Hazel M. Kendall

Gertrude Emmeline Manion
b: Sept 7, 1886 Panama, Shelby Co., Iowa, USA
d: May 12, 1967 Dunlap, Harrison Co., Iowa, USA
Married: 28 Oct 1910 Shelby Co., Iowa USA to
Patrick McDonald
b: Apr 4, 1882 Dunlap, Harrison Co. Iowa USA
d: 1950
Two Children:
Charles McDonald
Loyola Patricia McDonald

Leo Eugene Manion
b: Feb 16, 1888 Panama Shelby Co. Iowa USA
d: July 15, 1966 in Phoenix, Maricopa Co. Az. USA
Married: Jan 2, 1913 Omaha, Douglas Co., Nebraska USA to
Muriel Eugenia Spearman

Their Child:
Richard Spearman Manion
b: May 30, 1914 Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa, USA
d: Dec 15, 1951 Phoenix, Az. USA
Married: in Dec 1938 Omaha Douglas Co., Nebraska USA to
Eleanor Theresa Peters
b: July 19, 1915, Dunlap Iowa USA
d: Feb 11, 1991 Bay St. Louis Hancock Co., Mississippi, USA
Father: John Howard Peters
Mother: Rose Margaret Nash
Richard and Eleanor's 3 Children:
Muriel Jean Manion
b: Mar 11,1941 Omaha Douglas Co.,Nebraska, USA
Married Jan 9, 1988 Los Vegas, Nevada, USA to
Charles William Cooksey.
Richard Grant Manion
b: March 19, 1943 Omaha Nebraska USA
Patrick William Manion
b: Aug 8, 1947 Omaha Nebraska USA
d: May 21, 1997 Phoenix, Maricopa Co. Az. USA
Married: Dec 15, 1967 Phoenix Maricopa Co., Az USA to
Brenda Lee Ritchie

Teresa Geraldine Manion
b: Aug. 6, 1891 Panama, Iowa, USA
d: 06 Sep 1984 Sioux City, Iowa, USA
Married: 30 Aug 1909 Shelby Co., Iowa USA to
Henry W. Ebert
b: Jan 5, 1888 Earling, Shelby Co., Iowa, USA
d: 16 Jan 1981 Sioux City, Iowa, USA
Father: William Ebert b: 1850 Germany
Mother: Anna Hartman b: 1853 Germany
Teresa and Henry's 4 Children:
Phyllis Geraldine Ebert
Dolores Ebert
Robert Henry Ebert
Jane Ann Ebert

Picture Below:

Bridget Coyne Manion and her grandchildren Bernice Peters and Franklin Oppold. House is in  Panama Iowa, and is the house they moved into after "retiring" from the farm. House is gone now and another is built on the site.

Picture courtesy Robert Ryan, Seattle, WA, USA



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