Patrick Manion
b: Dec 25, 1807 Ireland
d: June 23, 1899 Winchester Dundas Co., Ontario, Canada
Married: Anna/Nancy Ann/Margaret Spellman
b: Abt. 1812 Finch, Ontario, Canada
d: Abt 1892 in Finch, Ontario, Canada
Father: William Spelman
Mother: Mary Sheridan

Their Children:

Michael Patrick Manion
b: Sept 29, 1831

Thomas Talbert Manion 
b: Abt. 1836 Ireland
d: Bef. 1891 Finch Ontario, Canada
Married: Catherine ?  
Jan 1871 Ontario, Canada

Catherine Manion
b: Abt 1842 Ontario, Canada
d: Aft. 1891
Married: Mr. Fitzgibbons

Ellen Manion
b: Abt 1843 Ontario, Canada.  d: ? 
Married  Mr. Bush before June 1889.

James Henry Manion
b: Sept 20, 1844 Finch Ontario, Canada
d: Dec 27, 1930 Finch Ontario, Canada
Married: Abt 1877 to
Catherine Shea
b: Bet July 29, 1852 or
July 29, 1853
d: Mar 2, 1915
Abt. 1877 in Ontario, Canada

Maria Agnes Manion
b: Abt 1850 Finch Ont.
d: 28 Jan 1897
Buried: Jan 30,1897 Chesterville, Ontario, Canada
Married: Feb 10, 1874  Crysler, Ontario, Canada to
Jeremiah Shea
b: ? d: 19 Jun 1896

Margaret Ann Manion
b: Abt. 1853 in Finch Ontario, Canada
d: Aft June 1889
Married: Mr. Cleary.

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