The information contained on this page was gathered from
Clarence Cross Chesterville, Ontario a well respected researcher
and the 1998 Coyne Family Reunion Booklet.

We are presently researching some discrepancies presented to us
by another Coyne relative and researcer, Gail Martin, and will be posting changes as soon as we can verify source information from all parties.


Richard Coyne
d:Jan 06,1887
Married: Cecily (Cecilia) McNally
d:Mar 17,1855

Their Children:

John R. Coyne Birthdate Unknown
Married: Ann McCadden.
Children: Molly, Charles, John

Luke Coyne (Big Luke)
b: 1828 d: Dec 4, 1900
Married and moved to Chicago Illinois
Civil War Veteran, Wise Regiment

Thomas R. Coyne
b: June 15, 1830
Flag Carrier U.S. Civil War
Married: Margaret Lynch
b: 1841 d: Bet. 1871 and 1881
Their Children:
John Thomas Coyne
b: June 21, 1867 d: Apr 25, 1919 Drowned in Chicago
James R. Coyne
b: June 21, 1867 d: July 11, 1911 Fire in Porcupine Ont.

James Coyne
b: Bet 1837 and 1844 in Ireland

Edward Coyne b: 1839

Richard R. Coyne b: Oct 1845
Married Feb 5, 1877 in Crysler Ontario to
Mary Manley
b: ? d: Jan 16, 1925

Mary Coyne b: 1851 Winchester Ontario

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