Rose Marian O'Grady
b: Sept. 1892
d: Nov 1948
Married: Charles Kearns
b: 1875 d: 1967

Four Children:

Rosemary Kearns Married: Leonard Moriarty
Four Children:
1.Brian Moriarty
2. Madeline Moriarty Married: Paul Bourbonnais
Two Children: Kathy and Greg
3. Leo Moriarty Married:
Linda Kellam
Three Children: Holly, Robbie and Bonny
4. Eileen Moriarty

Jean Kearns Married:
Harold Fortner
Five Children: Michael, Sally, Julia, Steve and Nancy

Julia Kearns Married:
Michael O'Neill
Two Children:
1. Joseph O'Neill
b: 1971 d: 1974
2. Sean O'Neill
Married: Leah Falconer
Two Children:
Fiona O'Neill b: 2005
Bridget O'Neill b: 2007

Charles Kearns Married: Germaine Perron
One Child:
Charles Kearns Jr. Married: Jennifer
One child: Allison b: 2006

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