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There are three known branches or origins of the Gautreau family in North America: the Acadian family of Francois, the Canadian family of brothers Gilles and Jean that originated on the island of Re witch is off the west coast of France, and the family of Louis Chavaudreuille dit Godreau.

WEB site and GENEALOGY by Yves Gaudreau

Yves Gaudreau is a descendant of Jean and Marie LeRoy from Cap St-Ignace in Quebec.

Yves has a passion for history, genealogy and computers. His high interest for the Gautreau families and his ease to communicate with people helped him to collect twenty thousand marriages which are listed in this genealogical dictionary 2001.

Since 1987 Yves has devoted time to the Association of the Gautreau families. He was in turn V.P. and President of the Montreal section and was a contributor to the association's bulletin. He spent many hours of his own time during more than fifteen years to genealogy research. He also volunteered as editor for the Bernier family bulletin under the presidency of his wife Lucie.

In 1993, Yves was present for the first meeting of Gautreau from "Ile-de-Ré", France, a temporary committee was created to supervise the founding of the French association. Mr. Paul Gautreau from "St-Front la Rivière" was elected in 1994, president of the new "Association des Gautreau de France".

In 1999, Yves built his own bilingual web site which brought contacts from family members from everywhere. With this medium he makes available Gautreau Family history to all and helps them to complete their own history.

by Jacques Gaudreau Blessed Sacrement Fathers (S.S.S.)

These dictionaries are the result of a research in libraries and specialized sites done in my spare time over a period of fourteen years. My main goal is, not only to build my family tree, but also to establish, as accurately as possible, the complete descendants of Gilles, Jean, François and Louis.

Genealogical dictionary GAUTREAU

If your family name is Gaudreau (200 surnames), you may possibly be a descendant of ancestor Gilles, Jean, François or Louis. Please write to me.

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