Courses taught:


While at the University of New Mexico, I taught an introductory class of Comparative Politics, and, during the fall semester of 2001, I taught an advanced-level undergraduate course on the problems of democracy in contemporary Latin America at Duke University. I also taught a graduate seminar in Research Design and Methodology at the Université de Montréal. In addition to these courses, I am interested in teaching Latin American Politics, Democracy and Democratization, Comparative Political Economy, Comparative Mass Behavior. I can teach in English, French (my mother tongue), Spanish, and Portuguese.

Problems of Democracy in Contemporary Latin America (Syllabus in PDF), Duke University - Fall 2001

Introduction to Comparative Politics, University of New Mexico - Summer 2001

Theories of Economic Voting, Université de Montréal – March 2002

Research Design and Methodology, Université de Montréal – Winter 2004 and Winter 2005 (Syllabus in French - PDF)




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