Rondeau family
descendants of
Pierre Rondeau    and of   Thomas Rondeau
 (first Rondeau arrived to

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I am in the search of old photography or any information concerning dates and places of birth, marriage, death or burial of any person carrying the RONDEAU patronimic, in order to conceived a genealogical dictionary of the Rondeau families of America.

I have been working on it for more than 12 years and I have a data bank which contains over 19,600 names (including nearly 6,520 Rondeau's) that I manage with «Brother' S Keeper ».

If you are researching your RONDEAU ancestors or if you have any information on any person bearing the Rondeau name, you can communicate with Luc Rondeau at the following address in order to exchange information or GEDCOM files.

The dictionary on line  dictionary.pdf

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Middle of the XIX century photograph