PE Builder 3.0 plugins by n4tune8

All these plugins have been tested on the Windows XP pro version of WinPE only.

Explorer Shell Plugin
This will make explorer your shell, but there are some constraints:
1. You must disable the nu2menu plugin for it to work
2. You must disable the resource limitation of WinPE (use the Winlogon resource patch plugin, available on this page). Explorer won't work if that is not done.
3. Don't close the command prompt that starts automatically, it's the shell!
4. You must be using a ramdrive, and the %ramdrv% variable must be defined.

Command Line Utilities plugin

Common Files plugin
Adds the %ProgramFiles%\Common Files to your WinPE build. Not sure if these files are actually useful though...

Additional Network Adapter drivers plugin (drivers included)
Realtek RTL8150 USB, Realtek RTL8139/810x/8169/8110, Intel PRO/1000 Gigabit (8254x), Intel PRO/100b (8255x), nVidia nForce Ethernet, Broadcom 440x series, Broadcom NetXtreme (57xx and 59xx), 3com 3c99x, Netgear FA101 USB, 3Com Gigabit LOM (3C940/3C2000)

RAID Adapter drivers plugin (drivers included)
3ware Escalade 7000/8000 Series ATA RAID, Adaptec ATA RAID 1200A, Adaptec Serial ATA HostRAID, Adaptec SCSI RAID 2200S,2120S,2020S,2025S,2410SA,5400S, Adaptec I2O RAID, ASUS DA2000 Series RAID, Intel(R) 82801ER SATA RAID, Intel bnu31, Compaq Smart Array 5x and 6x, ITE IT8212 ATA RAID, LSI Logic MegaRAID, HP NetRAID, IBM ServeRAID 4M/4L/4Mx/4Lx/5i/6M/6i, Promise FastTrak133 Lite, Promise FastTrak TX4000/S150 TX Series, Silicon Image 3x12 Serial ATA Raid, SiS 180 RAID Controller, VIA Serial ATA RAID.

Plugins that I use, originally made by others

Winlogon resource patch plugin
Only works for Windows XP SP1. I do not support this plugin, but it's necessary for explorer to run.

MMC plugin
To be used with the Explorer Shell Plugin

Useful programs


My WinPE desktop looks like that