The Ricard of North America


The Ricard of North America came over from Europe.

Some ancestors came from France . They are Jean Ricard who arrived about 1665 and Antoine de Rieutord Ricard about 1750. With a massive migration from Quebec towards the New England States during the 19th century, some family members, settled in the USA, have americanized their name. Other descendants have settled around the French forts, Detroit, and along the Mississippi. The descendants of the two Ricard are now known as : Recor, Record, Recore, Recoy, Ricard, Ricarr, Riccard, Rickor, Rikor, or others..

Others came from Germany: Joseph Reicherdt born in 1662 & Michael Rykard born about 1738 and from the United Kingdom: Giles Rickard born in 1624. Although their name had a different spelling initially,some of their descendants have decide to write their name as Ricard. Their original spelling was Reicherdt, Rickard, Rykard, Rickett. Their genealogy is not included on this site at the present time.

The object of this site is to looks at how the families have grown and spread through North America.