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Hi ! This page, I created for those of you who like furry and/or amateur art.
. . . And to have something of my own to show off on the web. :)
Here is some drawings I did, some of them, when I was in class.
The other drawings, I did when I was at work in the down times
between calls or now at my new job as a technician, during my diner breaks.

Last Update: June 08th 2004
- Added Pictures I took at C-ACE 2004
- Removed Pictures I took from Aurora's christmass meet
- Took a resolution to add the pics I made since 2002 very soon. ;^)

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(Some of my Role-Playing Furry Characters)

Wind-Growler Halosu Raak
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(Other Furry Characters)

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  Pics from C-ACE 2004

More To Come...  

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Thank you!

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