About G.S.P.s

German shorthair pointers can make wonderful companions when placed in the right home. An active, high energy dog, they do best in active homes. They can do well with children and other pets but care should be taken that they do not accidentally knock over small children in their haste to make friends. Easily trained, they tend to be healthy, long lived (10-14 years) pets. In return the owner should realize that they have acquired a companion for the next dozen years or so and should plan accordingly. It is unfair to the dog to abandon him when your lifestyle changes. As a general rule, the dog is more than willing to change with you if you will allow it. GSPs are highly adaptable and very devoted and loyal - they deserve the same from you.

As a hunting dog they are an incredible all-rounder. They were originally developed as a breed to be an all-in-one hunting companion. They point, retrieve, track, and can even be taught to toll (lure birds into range). Although mainly used on feathered prey they are equally adept at hunting furred game.

They are a medium-large size dog with mature males weighing approximately 55-70lbs and females approximately 10lbs less. They range in colour from solid liver to almost solid white with liver patches. They can also be found in the same range in black as opposed to liver. Black is not considered an acceptable colour in Canada and is a disqualification in the U.S.A. It is however acceptable in most other countries. The most common colour is liver and white with moderate to heavy amounts of ticking and some liver patches.

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