Picture Gallery

Most of the pictures have been scanned myself so, if you want to use any of them on your homepage, please e-mail me. Also, do not link any of my pictures to your page. Thank you. ^^

Uncanny X-Men Cover featuring Gambit #350
Gambit carrying Rogue from Uncanny X-Men #385
Rogue and Gambit from UXM #385
Rogue using Gambit's powers UXM #385
Gambit hugs Rogue UXM #385
Rogue on the cover of UXM #359
Rogue and Gambit from the cover of X-Men #24
Rogue wearing her old uniform in XM #81
Rogue grabbing Sunfire from XM #93
Rogue's latest look from XXM #01
The cover of XXM #01
The cover from XXM #02

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