I'm Really Sorry BUT...
These pages are NO MORE for you people.

In the last 2 month you got the chance to read my Really Read Me Please But no one, read it.
I was telling you in this Really Read Me Please, that I was Sick & Tired of E-Mailing to myself my themes.
So I GIVE UP E-Mail. That's why I doesn't answer people e-mailing me without proper information.
For giving me proper information you just got to READ this Really Read Me Please but in fact, no one read it so...
For making more simple to send me this information you just got to fill the 2 space in this phrase
I use ___ and my nickname is ___.

But no one fill these space correctly, so now I GIVE UP.
Now the last chance to get these themes are to giving me free space (80-100 Megs where files can be 2-5 Megs without banners)
Or seeking for someone who already got them and want to send them to you. (NOT ME)
Next time when someone ask you to read this Really Read Me Please. Just read it.

I'm Really Sorry BUT these pages are no more for you...