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Art educator/Painter/ Stained glass & Mosaic artist

PQ: H3Z 2L5


2002 Master of Art Education, Concordia University *GPA 3.85
1994 Bachelor of Fine Art, Studio Arts Major, Concordia University *Graduated with distinction
1985/6 Architectural Studies, University of Tehran, Iran


1999 Recipient of The Stanley Mills Prize


2003/ now Teacher
Atelier Homeira

Painting, drawing adults (advance/beginners), teens and children
2002/2006 Guest artist
Atelier D’art Des Femmes De Montréal, Independent Art Association

Workshops on the process of abstraction, fauvism, drawing and perspective 

2001/2002 Teacher
Dehkhoda School (Iranian school), Montreal, Quebec

Acrylic painting to children (7-13),
Acrylic painting and Abstract art to adults
1999/2001 Taught art classes to children on various topics (6-12yrs old).
Taught drawing (based on the books “The Natural Way to Draw” by
Nicolaides & “Drawing on the Right side of the Brain” by Betty Edward)
and painting to adults.
2000 Designed and taught a drawing course that facilitates conceptual and
visual learning based on copying from masterpiece drawings, creative or
interpretive copying and observation to teens and adults as part of my thesis project
1997 & 1999

Visual Art Center, Westmount, Quebec
Taught two workshops on the theme “Abstraction” for mature students and seniors

Created two workshops: Persian ornamental design and an
Intergenerational art project

1998 Teacher
Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec

Taught the theme “Movements in art” to teens and adults at the Saturday
Art Workshop at Concordia University


2006 The Gallery at Victoria Hall, “Inside Out”
2006 Café Claremont Westmount, solo
2005 La Caisse Desjardins de L’Ile-des-Soeurs, group show
2004 La galerie centre communautaire de la Cote-Des-Neiges, group show
2004 Artoteque de Montreal, “Artistes sans frontiers, Iran-Bam” group show
1999 Biblionet, Westmount, Montreal, solo
1997 Victoria Hall, Westmount, Montreal, group show
1996 University of Toronto, library, group show
1996 Musee des Religion, “O NOM D’ALAH”, group show
1995 Gallery Schorer, group show


2003-2005 Atelier ljubomir Ivankovic
The old masters technique in painting
2002 Mosaica,
Attended a workshop on Mosaic art
2000 Dawson College,
1994/97 Studio Du Verre and Visual Art Center,
Attended courses and seminars on stained glass techniques (lead came,
copper foil), fusion, sandblasting, mosaic glass and painting on glass.
Two workshops seminar with John D. Munro, in encaustic painting.
1985 Iran/ Tehran,
Persian miniature painting, ornamental design in watercolor and
Perspective drawing


2005 Series of paintings for a private residency
2002 portrait painting
2001 Stained glass door for a private residency.
1997 Old Dublin Pub & Restaurant, stained glass panels for ceiling
1994 T.A.T Company (cable assembly), contract for series of paintings
depicting name, logo and product with an artistic interpretation.


2001- 2003       filled many position in the club. Served as V.P. membership officer and had functioned as a judge in speech contests



My personal philosophy of teaching is to provide a classroom environment where students are encouraged to express their ideas and be active participants in the classroom. My approach is student-centered and I use active learning techniques to involve students in discussions by asking them questions or redirecting their questions to other students. By interactive teaching, hopefully I will help them to realize that they are responsible for their own education experience. They are presented with the essential technical skills, art historical references, and examples from contemporary art and criticism necessary for successful completion of their projects. As an art educator, my main focus is art production with support and instruction in: the study of art’s historical and cultural significance, the criticism of works of art and the development of the senses (aesthetic awareness).
It is my job to refine a student’s critical thinking abilities beyond opinions of “ I like it or I don’t like it” and push her/him into developing their aesthetic awareness. I want my students to find creative solutions when facing problems in the design of their art works or when they think that they have not effectively expressed themselves. Developing a creative problem solving skill in art (intuitive & analytical) can also be applied to other situations when facing other problems. Finally, teaching is personal and interpersonal. It involves taking risks, being spontaneous and creative, as well as being open to new ideas and experiments. If my teaching leads the learner to new understandings, new ideas, new ways of looking at the familiar and an awareness of their personal and cultural identity, I think I have done my job well.