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Artistís Statement

Painting gives me the freedom to articulate my feelings and ideas. The reward that I get out of it is the creative process involved in the action of painting. What I experience when I paint is the excitement, the joy, the sense of being lost or irritated, awe, life itself; a full range of emotions and a sense of timelessness. In the creative process there is a measure of letting-go that I find must occur to experience the creative energy, which is spiritual. I have experienced some of my deepest realizations in life while engaging in the creative process of painting, and for that reason, it is the most important part of my work.

In my painting, I try to capture the essence of a moment. I attempt to show the extraordinary aspects of our ordinary life. For instance, when we truly pay attention or when we look around with a higher sense of awareness. When I paint, I do not imitate reality, I create a new reality based on what I want to communicate, with my imagination, feelings and my perception of what is reality. For me art is not only a form of communication but also a form of self-reflection or self-realization. By creating, I am able to reflect on myself and on whatever I find interesting or beautiful.

I love color; I love the play of light shining on a face or a body. I love our visual world. I also love the abstract and the naÔve drawings of children which I try to incorporate in some of my paintings. I hope that the visual messages from my heart will incite viewers to think in a new way or at least put a smile on their faces when they take a walk into my colorful painting.

Homeira Mortazavi