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Thomas Axtell created the company after spending 15 years in the Canadian North where he helped indigenous people build their capacity to manage their own communications services, including the Internet. Working on site, directly with communities, we are using new technologies to counter social injustice and poverty. This is achieved through local initiatives involving everything from job creation to film making. Tempered by dozens of projects, our professional team is ready for any challenge. Curriculum vitae en française


We are a small International company providing a range of
communications and training services. Here are some recent projects.



Virtual Classrooms in the Canadian Arctic


In 1993, two interactive televised courses were held for Inuit across the Arctic. The second course was delivered in separate English and Inuktitut language versions. What happened in over a dozen remote classrooms located between Coppermine in the western part of the Nunavut Territory, and Makkovik, 4,000 km away in Labrador?

The Apprenticeship of 32 Inuit Managers is a thesis that describes, from a situated perspective, the importance of interaction among the workshop co-participants, supervisors and co-workers. The research document was completed in the spring of 1999. This thesis documents what Inuit all ready knew; that the North needs communications bandwidth for more than entertainment. The findings are of interest to anyone looking at distance education for First Nations and Inuit. As the managing director of Atii, Tom Axtell helped develop the model that has set a standard for distance learning in the North.


TheThe Waseskun Community Network is an Intranet to support caregivers working in the social services sector across Canada. The 3-year pilot project is managed by Waseskun House, for a native owned healing centre of male offenders. Axtell Communications and Training provided development services.

Community Centric Networking

Connecting the North to the information highway is a major undertaking. An excerpt from a report prepared for Taqramiut Nipingat Inc places the Internet within the context of the unique experience of indigenous people and Canadian Telecommunications Infrastructure development. There are lessons here for rural, remote and less developed regions.

Documentary Film & Multi-Media

Our expertise is in the conception and marketing of media projects. We have co-produced documentaries for educational broadcasters and developed Nunavut Interactive, a digital presentation for schools. Our production partner is Nutaaq Media of Montreal, producers of The Invasion of the Beer People and other extremely interesting productions.

Children's Media

We started by producing items for Sesame Street Canada and a pilot Cree language Children's television series. Just before the great ICE STORM of '98, our children created the on-line story book called the The Adventure of George the Snow Flake, demonstrating how simple learning materials can be produced and shared.

Illustrations & Logos

Tom Axtell produces original artwork and graphics for any publication needs. The logo for the Aboriginal Youth Network (AYN)

Inuit and First Nations Communications

For ten years we provided technical and management support to the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation 1982), OkalaKatiget Society (1983-85), and Wawatay (1986 - 89). Movie clips from the television programs will added to the site soon.

Home Construction

Timber Frame Construction technology harkens back to Thomas Axtell's New England roots. This project has less to do with management and communications than the others but illustrates that we can work with our hands too.


Tom's ESL Cocktail Lounge

I have integrated on-line technologies and language acquisition through a number of school demonstration projects. I call it Netwrok Assisted Language Learning or NALL. You will find an interactive story called Choices, an online fill in the gap exercise, an English as a Second Language teaching unit on Web page design, a popular new service called The ESL Joke of the Week, and some academic papers.

Partner Firms:

Check out the links to this fine Canadian talent

Mark Hogben, Web Applications, Pandora Productions

Terry Rudden, Planner Extrodinaire, Consilium,

Christine Pohlkamp, Really Cool Trainer, Nova Training and Consulting

John Mulligan, Internet Telephony, Mulligan Telcom (contact Tom)

George Hargraves, Alternative TV Producer, Nutaaq Media

These are my friends who have worked with me on different projects.
Please feel free to contact them directly.

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