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Janadriyah is an outdoor living museum. Enter Here

Open for only two weeks in February the National Heritage Festival at Janadriyah is a treasure of Saudi culture similar to Williamsburg in the US and Louisburg in Nova Scotia.

You can see how flour was ground the old way, by camel labor. In the handicraft area artisans hammer metal into daggers, stitch leather sandals, and carve bowls, kings and doors. With the translation help of my students the artisans cheerfully explain where they learned their craft, usually at their father's knee, and demonstrate their tools and processes. The text in quotation marks was written by my students. Most of the tour is visual.

Navigation Tips: A visit in one door will lead you to a traditional souk (market), while the other will take you elswhere. Navigate the site by entering doors, windows, or just click anywhere to go forward. To leave Janadriyah close the browser. And just for fun, a few hot links are hidden in various places in the frame.

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