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Members of this class will practice English with their fellow students and students around the world using a variety of communications tools including Web pages, chat and e-mail.

The NeXt Classroom helps motivate language acquisition among CEGEP students by responding to their interest and need to participate as consumers and producers of information in the digital age. Nearly 50% of the classroom/lab time will be spent producing e-mail, databases, electronic newspapers, personal Web pages, videos, or radio reports.

The concept of the NeXt Classroom comes from my experience teaching media production and implementing digital communications projects in remote Aboriginal communities. The NeXt classroom will seek to integrate electronic media in the process of learning English as naturally as people use their voices.

This paper describes how I would teach a grammar unit to support these learners in a multi-media environment.


Prepared by Tom Axtell


EDU 584 Teaching English Grammar
Professor: Catherine Beauchamp
August 3, 1998





I. Target Group


Outside the Classroom

Course Plan


II. Student Guide to Industry Teaching Unit


III. Analysis of the Present Continuous Structure

Objectives of the Unit

Approach to Grammar Teaching

Sequencing of Grammar

Learner Variables

Stage of Development


Learning Style








Inter-related Grammar points

Instructors Role


IV. Grammar Unit: Procedure


The Present Continuous!


V. References


V. Self-evaluation


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