Evaluation of the Project


A relevant approach 7/8

The framework of the course that integrates digital communications media and support to learning English outside the classroom is relevant to what we know of communicative grammar practice. They are highly relevant for students. The basic rationale for teaching the grammar is provided and many of the learners' issues related to teaching this point are understood and presented. The unit is consistent with the principles presented which are very current (1998).


Clear and detailed instructions 3/4

The instructions for the Unit are simple and brief. The Web page presentation is useful for fast and easy distribution and sharing of the unit.


Authentic and appropriate material 5/6

The two warm-up activities were designed for the unit, the others were selected from "off-the-shelf" grammar courses. I feel these are authentic and appropriate. Without any prior experience teaching ESL, I feel that reliance on the course book activities for most of the Unit is appropriate. The materials are appropriate for teaching the grammar points and at the right level. Explicit grammar instruction is appropriate for this group.


Appropriate, original communicative activities 5/6

A variety of game-style activities are presented which are communicative, leading to the e-mail and production activities that will be highly engaging and motivating.


Self-evaluation /6

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