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Born in Joliette, Josée Perreault holds a Bachelor's in Graphic Design
from the Université du Québec à  Montréal. In 1988, after a
10-year career in graphics and advertising, she chose to devote
herself fully to her personal art production, and to this medium
which fascinates her more than any other:

As a multiple grant recipient
from the Québec Ministry of Culture, 
she has had the opportunity to brush sleeves 
with some of the greatest Canadian 
and American artistsat the leading edge of the field of

Josée has developed a particular 
and innovative painterly approach using
varnished, rogue, rack-mounted, oversized canvas 
as a result of many years 
of researching the watercolour medium.

Glorious lights, rich and 
vibrant colours,
spontaneous brush strokes,
these describe her very touching art. 

Her watercolours can sometimes be bold and strong, 
but they can also pay homage to softness and poetry. 
But, one thing isfor sure, 
they always are lyrically breathtaking, 
carry strong emotion and bring to the world subtle atmospheres.

She is a member of the Canadian Figurative Arts Institute.
She has participated in many national and international exhibits
and her paintings are part of many corporative andprivate collections.
She was selected to represent Canada for the Société Nationale
des Beaux-Arts de Paris biennial exhibit in 1996.

She spent the last years preparing and presenting
her workon theme of her trips to Asia. Sheoffered
her new creations on Thailand all over Quebec and was very well acclaimed
by critics in the media, as well as by the general "connaisseurs" public. 
She has been showing now a new serie called «Carnets de Chine» 
inspired from her last trip to China. This serie has been shown in Montreal and
goes to France in June 2004

 Josée Perreault teaches her art all over Quebec,  France and the United States.


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