Josée Perreault
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All varnishedwatercolours signed by Josée Perreault 
are the result of her unique personal research. 

They were created to resist the passage of time through 
the use of excellent products into their fabrication.
Furthermore, they are protected by a waterproofed 
varnish that was laboratory-tested for its alkaline qualities, 
resistance to yellowing and UV rays.

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30 x 40"


Pink Ballet
24 x 30"


Horses of fire

30 x 40"



Sanctuaire intemporel

40" X 15"

Ocre - Tobre

35" X 15"


La maison des Esprits

30 x 40"


You may also visit the Virtual Gallery by Josée Perreault: «Carnets de Chine»

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Last Uptade,  December 23th 2003

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