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Carnets de Chine


All varnished watercolours signed by Josée Perreault 
are the result of her unique personal research. 
They were created to resist the passage of time through 
the use of excellent products into their fabrication.
Furthermore, they are protected by a waterproofed 
varnish that was laboratory-tested for its alkaline qualities, 
resistance to yellowing and UV rays.

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Varnished Watecolour
20" X 40" 


Emei Shan

Varnished Watercolour

60 x 24"


The gorges of Yangze river
Varnished Watercolour
60 x24"



Li Jiang river
Varnished Watercolour
20 x 40"



Varnished Watercolour
24" X 30"

Hutong of Chengdu

Varnished Watercolour

24 x 36"

The Naxis

Varnished watercolor
24 x 30"



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Any reproduction or use of the material on this page
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without Mrs Perreault's written agreement.

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