Shrieks, Chants, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards
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  Biography of Akhalatabarnakh - The birth and accomplishment of the dark lord
Akhalatabarnakh was born in the the unholy christian (CHRISTIANITY MUST BE ERADICATED) year 666. His birthplace is located in the farthest northern reaches of the everfrozen landscapes of northern Quebec, by the shore of great black river, neath the seven islands of sin, the land of the great NORTHWOOD.
Born under the pentagram array of the unholy 666 blackened invisible stars, at midnight, the life of Akhalatabarnakh was already cursed when he first set foot unto this sinfull world. His soul, strong like the fire of inferno, choose the dark side and embraced rebellion against Christianity and it's lies. Akhlatabarnakh became a living symbol of the dark side, beginning his quest across the land to destroy and spill the blood of the believers. Pure hater, a cold lonesome soul, a artist of the night, Akhalatabarnakh express his beliefs and commandments through music.
As a tyrant and dictator, Akhalatabarnakh write and perform all his music alone, and use each instrument as a tool of painful melodic primitive execution. Technically and rhythm must be rendered in their primal origins, creating a massive distortion wall of cold melodic simplicity, exploring the darkest corner of his demented, pitch black soul. Keyboards weaves gothic atmosphere, creating mental images of distant nordic landscapes. Percussions are downplayed to their ultimate simplicity, banishing complex rhythm to make place to pure chaos.
Akhalatabarnakh hateful shrieks use absolutely no distortion whatsoever, and are directly the mournful screams of his tortured throat, only enhanced by the echo of the darktower studios. The fusion of these element create the ultimate NORTHWOOD BLACK METAL, and will send your mind into the dark age! Where the prime evil dwelled!
NEW (10/17/98) Northwood Ice Pentagrams begun in the summer of 1997 with the release of the Purevildarkness demo (also commonly called Purevildark demo). One year later, in august 1998, all Northwood Ice Pentagrams released yet were put to disc on the debut album Beckoning Frosted Flakes of Frost, that also contained all the tracks from the Purevildarkness demo. The unreleased tracks from those sessions exist also on the bootleg tape Hellish Hell, released in october 1998. Emerging again in 1999, Akhalatabarnakh releases the second album Into the Woods of the Forest of Northwood in April!
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