Autumn 1997, Summer 1998, Winter 1999
Interview with Akhalatabarnakh of Northwood Ice Pentagrams
Autumn 1997

Northwood Ice Pentagrams gained notoriety by realeasing the unholiest and most primitive black metal demo ever, "Purevildark". I interviewed the mysterious lord Akhalatabarnakh, currently in Dark Tower studios for the recording of a new side-project. This is the first part of the interview, second part coming soon.

Interviewer : Hello Master Akhalatabarnakh, I must congratulate you for the recording of "Purevildark". It is the most evil
musical acheivement of the last century, at least.

Akhalatabarnakh : No need to thank me for SATAN possessed me during the whole recording sessions for the demo, which, by the way, lasted only 30 minutes for the whole thing. It was at the autumn equinox, and the moon was full in the frostdarkened skies of the northwood, when I entered in a creative trance which led to the creation of the unholy "Purevildark" demo. IT WAS PURE HELL!!!

Int : What is the signification of "Akhalatabarnakh"?

Akh : In the ancient babylionian tongue, the tongue of the baal worshippers, SATAN's tongue, it means "The one who will crucify the christ and drink his blood from behind". It's the ugliest name, meant to rip your tongue as you pronounce it and make the ears of the listener bleed. AKH - ALA - TABARNAKH!!!

Int : Why are you alone in the band?

Akh : I shall not tolerate other uncreative force than the one of the master, SATAN. I'm alone in the night, for alone I shall reign upon the remains of the earth and beyond, when the frost northwood dominion will be granted to me by the fallen one. I SHALL RULES ALL, I HAVE NO MASTER OTHER THAN THINE....SATAN!!!

Int : For how long have you been playing your instruments?

Akh : I don't play my instruments. I never learned. I never will. I bash unto them as SATAN will, in transes of unholy destructive uncreation, to unleash the voice within, the voice of EVIL, the voice of FROST and DEATH, the voice of SATAN HIMSELF!!! For this reason I master the guitar, the bass, the drums and the keyboard with an equal infinite mastery of evil during my transes, but I'm not a musician. All talent is a sign of christian decay! Primitive force shall prevail, like the viking pagan ancestor of old... they lived in the Northwood forest, clad in winter, amongst the beasts. Under the nightsky...

Int : Why is there clean vocals in the song "The Northwood Vast Beyond Part II"?

Akh : To accentuate the bitternest of the following screaming vocals. The constrast of fast and slow, quiet and loud and pseudo-melodic and chaotic creates saves of pure evil hatred. SATAN commanded me to sing clearly, so I drank the blood of 666 goat to clean my voice for a line. The Icy Hand is the hand of the forsaken, the hand of death... CAN YOU FEEL IT??? Like the whore of babylon, the eye of the netherworld is opening to grasp the underending ages of dark. DIE MORTALS!!!

Int : What is your opinion of Christianity?


Int : How can you explain that you worship the melodic band IRON MAIDEN when your music is all but purevil primitivity?

Akh : IRON MAIDEN is the first true satanic band. Their song "The Number of the Beast" is the most evil song ever written, for it comes from prophecies dictated by SATAN himself. I have heard Harrisabarnakh wrote this song when he spent the winter solstice in pilgrimage in the Northwood, in 1982. Which led to "The Number of the Beast" album. The first album feature "Transylvania", the hymn of the heart of Northwood, and therefore it is satanic. The second album is satanic as well, as it prone DEATH in everyform... "Killers". Each of their albums are propechies of the neverborn, SATAN himself the master. Piece of Mind describe the path of the Muad'hib, the antichrist of Dune. Powerslave is the pagan song of ancient egyptian gods, the wrath of ancient pagan destructors. Somewhere in Time is the armaggeddon of apocalypse retold from tomorrow. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is the prophecy of the anti-christ who shall destroy us all in his madness. They don't give a prayer to the dying, they send them to hell, they are alive after death, and they are real dead ones. They don't fear the dark. The Factor of SATAN crest their crown of blood, blasphemy eternal!!! Eddie is also one of the 666 faces of SATAN, and one of the vilest. UP THE IRONS anagram is UIT ROESNPH, which is the babylonian for "We worsphip SATAN and are more evil than Darkthrone". MAIDEN IS EVIL! ALL HAIL THE IRON ONES!
Int : What do you think of the Norweigian black metal movement?

Akh : The only true black metal comes from the depths of the Northwood. Everything is all but a poor imitation, a cloning of the might of Northwood Black Metal. Their music is a pitiful copy of primitive Northwood music, and their corpsepaint is a way to imitate my naturally white and black skin - a gift of MEPHISTO himself. Only the northern ones shall prevail. ALL HAIL THE NORTHERN ONES! SATAN FROST KILL HATE DARKNESS I SHALL RETURN FROM ICEDEATH!!! ETERNITY IN FLAMES AND BEYOND...

Int : What do you think of Transylvanian Werewolves, then?

Akh : They are the second true northwood black metal band. They fuckin' rules! Second only to the might of Northwood Ice Pentagrams. ALL HAIL THE WEREWOLVES! Transylvania is the heart of the Northwood.... the deepest sodomy come from the Wolfbrothers.They are to erected to veil the dawn...

Int : When can we expect a new release from Northwood Ice Pentagrams? What are your new projects?

Akh : There is a new demo planned for later in 1998, I slay a goat each day to be fully prepared for the upcoming revelation BELZEBUTH will unleash upon me. I had already three unholy uncreative destructive transes yet, during which I recorded
three new songs, more vile than those of the "Purevildark" demo. My ancestor's blood is also awakening, and I will record soon a viking metal demo which will be entitled "Frostevilshit". In the meantime, don't miss the split CD I will record with Transylvanian Werewolves, a tribute to IRON MAIDEN. IT WILL REAP YOUR FUCKING HEAD APART!!!

Int : Can you tell us more about these three new songs? Will they be online soon?

The three songs are : "Frigidia (Empress of Everfrost)", a song describing the curse of a female incarnation of SATAN, a foul icefrozen deathbringing bitch. "The Call of Nan-oo", an instrumental about the new destructions unleashed by the goatdemon NAN-OO. It is a sequel to the Invocation, on the "Purevildark" demo. The third song is "Christian Anus Devasted", a song of pure hatred destined to smash christianity once and for all. I CRUCIFIED THE CHRIST I'M THE FALLEN ONE, SATAN SPEAK THROUGH MY LUNGS, IL LUX VAL, DOMINE SATANAS!!! 666! They shall be online someday, when I finish my rituals in Dark Tower studios. Only Realaudio brings the Northwood sound. ALL HAIL R.A. METAL!!!

Int : What do you think of women's role in society?

The are bound to be my sex slaves in the bitter winds of the winter Northwood for all eternity. I'm the sexbeast, I'm SATAN REINCARNATED, I'M THE ANTI-CHRIST. MY LUST IS INFINITE AS THE ETERNAL NIGHT ON THE NORTHWOOD FOREST!!! I SHALL FUCK THEM ALL, I'M THE ALLMIGHTY!!!

Int : What's your greatest fear?

I shall have no fear as SATAN is my guide through the night. In the end I shall become as one with my master. I SHALL RULES UPON THE REMAINS OF THE EARTH AND THE NORTHWOOD WILL COVER ALL! THE DARK ONE IS FREED FROM SHAYOL GUL!


Interview with Akhalatabarnakh of Northwood Ice Pentagrams
Summer 1998
After having released the last year the ultimate and rawest primitive
black metal ever, spawning the northwood black metal movement, Northwood
Ice Pentagrams finally returns with their highgly awaited debut album,
"Beckoning Frosted Flakes of Frost". To celebrate this holy birth of
uncreation, I spoke with lord Akhalatabarnakh, the lone member of the
Northwood horde.
Interviewer :  All hail the northern ones! How is the lord of all blackest
anhilation doing in this dark morning?
Akh : As you'll hear on the BECKONING FROSTED FLAKES OF FROST album, I
fucking hate the sun! Only to spread the word of SATAN I must endure this
interview at daytime. My soul is cold, I belong to the frozen glades of
everwinter! Bloom the brisk cunt of the nightsky...
Int : Could you please give information about your debut album?
Akh : This album is unleashed by the name of BECKONING FROSTED FLAKES OF FROST. The titles comes from the centerpiece of the album, the epic FROSTED FLAKES OF FROST, a song which depicts the true nature of the beast, TONY THE TIGER himself, which is the actual incarnation of the anti-christ - beholding each and every soul on earth through the unholy possessed boxes of cereals. TONY IS MY MASTER AND LORD, RIBOFLAVIN IS DEMONIC! TONY IS EVIL, TONY IS SATAN!
The rest of the albums consists of various demonic hymns from my possessed trances, each more EVIL than the last. The whole PUREVILDARKNESS demo is also included in all it's sluggist garagesound majesty, as well as some bonus tracks.
The album last for 60 minutes of pure painful audial blackness, in 25 tracks, all
epic symphonies of evildarkfrostkillchaos. BE WHORES TO ME CHILDREN!
Int : Who is Lord Jasminoo?
Akh : One of my slaves and minion, who played guitar on the two Iron Maiden covers track and drums on the live track. His anus is ablaze by the fury of my satanic rod of
Int : In which way this album is different and a progression from the demo?
Akh : It is not a progression, but it is different. It is a regression in pritive simplicity
and pure spewed satanic bile juices of hatred mayhemic slaughter. Difference lay in
augmented evil electric distortion, as you might not know, no distortion was used
on the PUREVILDARKNESS demo. One this record though, the very power of electricity
was channeled into grim, severe and punishing wall of sound creating a much more
ominous, scary, terryfying, sphincter-contracting experience. THIS ALBUM IS HELL ITSELF!
Int : Why a song in french? Why using more keyboards, even acoustic guitars, flute
and other "weak" sounding instruments? Or clean vocals?
Akh : What the blasphemer like you don't understand is that unmelodic and unskilled
painful execution of non-electric instrumentation is actually a purer essence of evil.
There are not used to create pretty melodies but rather to stimulate morbid dissonants echoes of pain! SATAN is the almighty piper himself and dictated the use of flute. MOLOCH once appreared to me during one of my anal selfmutilation masturbation ritual, and dictated that clean vocals are the ways of penetration of SATAN's very soul. All these elements enhance the unmusical experience of frost, cold, evil, satanic, grinding, hateful atmosphere created by the music. THE SOUNDS OF LEVIATHAN! EAT ME, BAAL! French is evil.
Tous grêlent les nordiques! AMEN TOÉ SATAN!
Int : Any new musical influences?
Akh : The music of NORTHWOOD ICE PENTAGRAMS is the music of SATAN chanelled through me. No further influences of any sorts.
Int : Can you shed some light on the lyrical theme explored in this new opus?
Akh : I shall not shed light but darkness, my soul belongs to SATAN! But I can lead the willfull children on the path to enlightement and understanding of my cacophonous
symphonies of darkness. Frigidia is the tale of the frostening of mine heart by a
foul servant of everfrost, a diabolic demoness who possessed my soul. Into the Grotesque Rectum of Leviathan details to possession of one's intestine and stomach by the multi-tentacular beast of the depths. Chalice of Satan is a baptism in blood, a
swear of allegiance to the dark side! The Nan-oo songs are dedicated to the deamon
of cowardice, which I hate with all the flames of the gehenna. May he drown in the styx! This shall be enough, followers are encouraged to read the lyrics and delve deeper in the inner meanings are dogma revealed in these commandments of hatred, evil, frost and sodomy. NORTH, FROST, HAIL! SATAN!
Int : Who produced your debut album?
No fucking one! It was all recorded in one take, in the pits of Darktower studio,
which is not a studio but an altar of sacrifice to the bowels of SATAN.
Only false black metal allow themselves to be whored by "production"! Northwood
black metal is spontaneous possesions by the jaws of SATAN and I spew the filth
of my inner visions on tape without reheasal, soundcheck or any way! Raw is evil,
Int : Are you signed to any record company? How will work the distribution of
the album?
Akh : Only commercial pathethic christian jew money-loving faggy whores are signed to record labels! I despise them as I despise the christ! Northwood Ice Pentagrams
shall never be signed to any rotten greedy corporate record company! This album
is a work of true inner satanic soulsearing ART, and each copy is burned by
myneself in the forges of exultations, the cavern of the hellish dark tower studios.
I CHEW THE CUNT OF LILITH! I send each copy myneself to my blasphemous followers. VLAS CORP INNOMINE SATHAS! MYYSTIKK!
Int : What happened to your other side-projects, namely the "Northwood of
the Beast" tribute album and the Frostevilshitte viking demo?
Akh : They were both scrapped, by unfortunate twist of fate and destiny surely
instigated by the filthy anti-sodomic legions of christianity. Skheeleethor
has been incarcerated, thus broking the legacy of the Transylvanian
Werewolves. Fortunately, a few songs have been salvaged from early recordings,
and those by Northwood Ice Pentagrams are included on the BECKONING FROSTED
FLAKES OF FROST album as bonus tracks, a gift from my magnificience to my
rotten fleshy followers. And they shall perish by my hand and cock ablaze.
You can find the cover songs of the Werewolves on their nililist grigo-grinding
As for Frostevilshitte, the track "Surhuman Viking" is also on BECKONING FROSTED
FLAKES OF FROST, as it's the only remaining track from these sessions. ODIN CRUSH
Int : What is Dwarfucker?
Akh : It is a side-project of total grinding extreme gore death metal
unleashed upon humankind. Relating diverse atrocious feast performed on
a dwarf. This is a project of mine own hellish self and Skheeleethor of
Transylvanian Werewolves, where we mutually ripped our throat and bathed
in the blood of leprechauns to create the audial essence of punishment and death.
It was done with the help of the great beast (the internet) and mixed in
Dark Tower studios to enhance the beheading intestine-brewing brutality!
The song is included on BECKONING FROSTED FLAKES OF FROST and will grind
your brain and balls to dust!
Int : Why do you still use the corpsepainted imagery even if it's used by
jolly pop black metal bands like Dimmu Borgir?
Akh : I don't wear corpsepaint, my face is naturally white and black! My
skull exudes darkness, I am evil! Those bands are mere plagiators of
my own imagery, I am the originator of it all! STICK THE TRIDENT OF
Int : Any future projects?
SATAN will surely possess me once again to lead into the darkest pits of
uncreation. Thus, I have no defined future projects but my faithful legions
of servants can expect ever more extremely frozen art from my black soul.
Then can also expect me to maintain my integrity and never sold out to
christian corporations! My ideals of frost, SATAN, death and sodomy
will forever remains ablaze.

Interview with Northwood Ice Pentagrams
Winter 1999
Int : Hail high lord Akhalatabarnakh! What was the reaction to the first album of Northwood Ice Pentagrams?
Did it sold well?
Akh : The reaction to the first album was totally atrocious! Everyone who heard it so far totally hated it! This is exactly the reaction I planned, and this is the reaction every black metal album should inspire! Total disgust and total fear at the might of SATAN!!! The album sold only THREE copies worldwide, thus making it
the most UNDERGROUND, CULT and RARE black metal album ever. Any black metal album that sell more than 10 copies is a christian capitalistic sold-out! Detroy democracy! Hail oligarchy of darkness...our furher SATAN!!!
Int : Do you plan to repeat this evil feat with the second album?
Akh : I want to do even worse! I want it to disgust and terrify the whole world and beyond, and I want to sell even less copies! Absolute blasphemy of total misanthropic hatred and no commercial jewish comprises! I spit on the holy ghost and rape virgin mary at night! For I am the soul of SATAN! Hell awaits...
Int : Tell us more about the new Northwood Ice Pentagrams album!
Akh : This second opus of total darkness and blasphemous evil is titled "Into the woods of the forest of Northwood"! During the 32 tracks lasting 66 minutes, we penetrate the audial essence of the evil forest of northwood and we are repeatatly raped by sodomic satanic branches - concussing waves of pure darkness and evil and frost! This album is anti-musical, anti-christian, anti-jewish, anti-god, anti-jesus, anti-trend, anti-south, anti-color! Fuck them all with the forked tongue of LUCIFER! Hail SATAN, blaspheme the Christ! I eat Crucifixes!!! Damn me!!! E-mail me further inquiries about the album, I shall enlighten you... but no request for free copies! I despise critics and reviewer! Behead them all!
Int : Any difference or evolution from older recording?
A few differences, and only regression!!! The sound is even harsher, I actually recorded all the songs louder than the normal levels for a CD, so it would hurt the ears! Yes, your ears will bleed on this album! The drums are tenfold more aggressive and violent, the guitar playing is fiercer and more satanicly chaotic!! There is
less acoustic, clean vocals or keyboard or other soft shit, but when there is it makes a total constrast that tears your soul apart with satanic agony of suffering pain and hatred! The three fans of Northwood Ice Pentagrams will recognize at once my unmistakable demonic style! NIP is unique, NIP rules over all! I am the most evil man on Earth! I'm not even a man, I'm inhuman, I'm a demon. Akhalatabarnakh
is my name and you will suffer in hell! Along with SATAN our master!!!!
Int : It seems you used a drum machine on this album, contrarly to the totally chaotic random drums used previously,
why is that?
Akh : The programmed drums can reach a speed and ferocity that no human could - thus they are inhuman, thus they are evil!!! They will decapitate the christian faith and rend asunder the jewish corporations!!! Destroy all faith, all hope, all joy, all hapiness!!! The world is total blasphemy and misery...the world is SATAN!!!
Int : What the fuck is the Hellish Hell EP?
Akh : It is basically leftovers crap from various demonically possessed recording sessions. Most of the tracks are only satanic guitar and agonising throat shredding vocals, without drums or anything else! It's about a thousand time crappier than the album! Thus a thousand time more EVIL!!! There exist only TWO copies of the
tape, so it's the most cult Northwood release ever! I don't consider it official though, it was mixed by the Dwarfucker. And he belongs to SATAN!!!
Int : Who are Lord Richardox? And what happened to Lord Jasminoo who so brillantly massacred the guitar track
of the Maiden covers? And who is NEKHROLAIZBEE?
Akh : Lord Richardox is a daemon I conjured by accident during one of my black mass ceremonies - he appeared from the 7th hell and recorded the song "404 Resource Not Found" with me, in an orgy of destructive hatred and flailing! It was hell on Earth! We dedicate this song to Bill Gates, the true antichrist, and his satanic OS
Windows 95! Lord Jasminoo is back on the new album for another Iron Maiden cover massacre! This time we demonized "The Clairvoyant", from the most evil Maiden album, 7th son of a 7th son of course!!! NEKHROLAIZBEE is a faggy bashee with an ear-shattering shrieking voice who did a duet with me on the song "Gothique Lesbiennes Vampire". He also wrote the gay lyrics of this song - a crappy romantic gothic vampire ode in the tongue of gayness, french! It's an absolute total suffering for all the senses... you will be torn apart by the SATANIC glory of this ode to darkness, frost, blood, hate and semen. EVIL!!!
Int : It seems you recorded a new version of the classic Northwood Ice Pentagrams song "Evildark enthroned
in nightfrost obscurity?"
Akh : Indeed - this version doesn't have any keyboard to smooth the sound, it's raw like the ass of SATAN!
Int : How worked the collaboration with Transylvanian Werewolves for the last two tracks on the album?
Akh : In a total orgy of sodomy and ritual invocation blasphemies! We slitted our veins, sacrificed a couple of goats, performed in various sexual acts not accepted by christianity and generally wrecked havoc on our destroyed instruments. The results are "Fuck me JP" and "Chapitre Dernier", total chaos! HAIL ME, HAIL SATAN,
Int : What is your ancestry?
Akh : My ancestry is threefold - In satanic dead veins flows the blood of the ancient barbaric celtic tribes of old Gaul (Britain), the blood of the Viking conquerors of Newfoundland who came the new world in the christian year 1000 and the blood of the evil Inuit of the absolute north! The inuit are the northernmost
men on earth, therefore they know the absolute night and absolute darkness of evil and hate! I will find retribution for the slaughter of the inuits! Inuktitut kuuqjaq nuktaluktut!!!!!!!! The song "NUVANUT" on the album is decidated to my inuit ancestors!!! The inuit are the chosen ones - OF SATAN!!!!! SATANUKTALUTTUT!!!
Int : Is northwood a political band?
Akh : NIP is absolutely NOT a political band!!! However, we will always stand for ultra-nationalistic fascism and liberal communism, exclusively or mutually. Satanic anarchy in an ultimate totalitalian state - that is the spirit of the kingdom of northwood! Totally monarchy of darkness, hail dictatorism! Be my slaves! Under the banner of SATAN!!! Northwood supports Ceacescu, Staline, Lenine, Hitler, Thatcher and Hussein!!!
Int : Any last words?
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