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OBD-II logger,  Windows version 1.1.0      Updated 2003/05/01
OBD-II logger,  Perl version 1.0
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OBD-II logger Windows Version information:
1.1.0    2003/05/01
ELM v2.0 support
Minor changes in debug log format.
Minor bug fixes.

1.0.6    2003/03/12
Bug fix in MAF using standard units.
Trouble codes are printed in the correct format.

1.0.5    2002/12/09
Decode trouble codes.
Added 3 levels of debug logging.
Misc fixes.

1.0.4    2002/11/08
Custom Quick Messages.
Misc bug fixes.

1.0.3    2002/10/25
Start/Stop serial communications.
Added Quick text messages.
Fix misc bugs.

1.0.2    2002/10/22
Much more information saved in registry.
Selectable file names for logs.
Creation of csv files (Importable to Excel or any other spreadsheet)
Enable/Disable log files.
Enable/Disable data collection of any particular PID.
Text Messages can be written to log files.
Fix misc bugs.

1.0.1    2002/10/11
Initial release.
Really Basic functionality.