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Windows OBD logger

The Windows OBD logging tool is still in beta.  It can be downloaded for free from the download page.  The application display the number of trouble codes and real-time sensor data on screen and optionally save them to log files.  (ie, engin RPM, Vehicle speed etc...).  More features are on it's way because it's still in development.  Please email me any comments and any enhancement requests.


UPDATE:   Ver 1.1.0 has some support for the options that provide higher speed!   ELM V1.x chips gives about 3.3 readings/sec, where the new ELM V2 chip you can get about 10.5 samples/sec.  That's about 3 times faster!!!


Windows OBD logger features.

Windows 9x, 2000, XP Platform.
Trouble codes & selectable Mode 1 PIDs are displayed and logged.
Data is written to the screen and optionally  detail log, csv & debug logs.
CSV log files are importable in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheets to produce graphs and stuff!

Minimum requirements.

Windows 95 or greater

Serial port

scantool.net OBD-II interface using ELM 320, 322  or 323 chip  (V2.0 gives higher performance)