MG Midget 73

This small Midget is named "Blanche". She is fast, lively and a pleasure to drive. It took me two years of patience to restore this Midget but I'm now very pleased with it.

Here is "Blanche" shortly after purchase. Ever though it seems in order. I still had to restore it completely.
Here you can see some of the holes in the inner fenders, proof that humidity has been at work. The back required extensive restauration, and the rocker panels needed to be replaced.
You can see here the results of my efforts in the paint shop. Perfection ?!?

Au garage le Cabriolet

St-Hubert, (Quebec)

(450) 676 1151

Sylvain Haineault

The paint-gun's Yosemity Sam

Notice the beautiful background in these picture of the MGs. The cars were parked in an apple orchard in full spring bloom.
The rear bumper of "Blanche" is divided in two parts, a peculiarity of the V series.
If you look closely at the front of this car you can see 3 wipers and in the grill, a logo of the Quebec British Car Club

Le rendez-vous des Anglaises

From a mechanical aspect, the 1275 cc, 4 cylinder engine develops 54.5 HP.

For outstanding mechanic work, call

Le centre de l'auto Anglaise Inc

(450) 444 9851

Here I am waiving from the wheel of "Blanche", in the mountain region of Stowe, Vermont, USA.

Don't forget the annual

British Invasion